A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more


A Rainy Saturday

My Day of Little Activity

I sat on my rump most of the day and did very little. I wish I could say a day of rest but I had to work this morning and got little done. Maintenance had to shut the power off to much of the building at work and that shut down the computer systems…

So I had a nice breakfast with a dear friend and then I went home.

Raining and really cold and awful so no walking… Instead I watched TV and caught a little preseason baseball. Not my Yankees but baseball and that always feels good. I made a nice dinner tonight, chicken stir fry with black rice. I over ate a bit and blew past the 2000 calorie mark but I think I can afford ONE of those days. I hope to get some miles in tomorrow.

I am still enjoying the weight loss thing. Feels so good. Not the struggle I expected but still a fight each day to stay focused and keep at it. Still…

There are Times This is Just Wonderful

This morning was one of those times when being on the Journey feels wonderful. I met with my dearest friend for a cup of coffee after I realized that work was not going to happen today. I called her on the way home and we decided to meet up.

We went to a local diner of national renown thanks to an appearances on “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and “Worst Cooks in America”.

The food is good and the setting classical diner and it is the perfect place to sit and catch up with a friend with whom you can truly be yourself. We had not seen each other since I started this Journey. Though we don’t live very far apart our schedules tend to conflict and finding a time when we are both not otherwise obligated is difficult. So it was a particular pleasure to see her and spend time chatting and laughing. What I truly enjoyed was the look on her face as she saw the thinner me for the first time in person. She had of course seen pictures and has read the blog and seen my updates. She seemed truly surprised by how much I have changed when seen in person. The look of shared joy on her face made my day. I say shared joy because I believe that is what it was. I think the look on her face said “I am proud of you and I am happy for you”. Good conversation, much laughter, many smiles and much love between friends. Who could ask for more?

Unexpected changes:

I have to get my wedding band resized. It is slipping off my finger to easily. If I lose it I will have hell to pay… I will be careful and then I will get it resized when I have lost another 20 or so. Foolish, I think, to have it done twice… I never thought of my fingers as fat but I have easily dropped two full ring sizes…

I am not an 11.5 EE shoe anymore. I am an 11.5 D, the same size I wore when I left for college. It never occurred to me that my feet were fat. The always looked sort of bony to me. The shoes I wear to work every day are much too loose on me now… I just got them 4 months ago. I am not about to replace them. I will figure something out.

I rarely wear my watch. It is a hazard at work because it could get caught on equipment and so I have gotten out of the habit or wearing one. I put it on the other day and it floats up and down my arm. Again, didn’t really think of my arm as fat…

I am glad that winter is mostly over. My winter jacket is way to big on me now. I could wear three sweaters under it and it would probably fit now.

I am trying to imagine being lean again. All these changes and I am still 47 pounds from my goal weight. What changes will I see as I approach my goal? I can’t wait to find out!



Befuddlement and Exhaustion

I am trying to figure out this weight loss thing. Well, ok, I have lost 48 pounds, I must understand something… It is not that long ago that my weight had stagnated and I was getting pretty depressed. I expected the weight loss to slow, not stop… For about two weeks I was stuck within a couple of pounds, plus or minus, of the same weight and I was frustrated because the math told me I should still be losing… Then it started coming off again and all was well. I settled in at about 1/3rd of a pound per day and I was happy at that.

In the last 18 days or so, my weight loss has accelerated like crazy. Between March 12 and today I have lost 11 pounds. That is a rate of 0.6 pounds per day. That is the highest rate since the end of January, when I was just a month in to the Journey. For the 94 days I have been at this I have averaged 0.50 pounds per day so you can see that the rate has accelerated….

Not complaining, just befuddled… It goes counter to expectations…

At this rate I will hit my target weight sometime in July. I really doubt this will happen.

An employee of mine stopped me today and asked me what I did with my belly. I couldn’t stop laughing. Manny has a way of saying almost anything and putting a smile on your face. When he stopped me and asked that question it elevated my mood for hours…

It is really starting to show now. As the weight comes off and the skin tightens back up, the weight loss is becoming much more apparent. Even people who are totally oblivious are noticing it now.

Today was a long and frustrating day at work and I knew it would be. It was month end inventory and that consumes 12-14 hours of the day. I got in to work at 6:30 AM and I left work at 7:45 PM. I have to go in to work in the morning to finish the reconciliation. Oh Joy, Oh Rapture.

The mistake I made, and I seem to make it every month, is I didn’t eat lunch. By the time I left work this evening I was ready to eat my steering wheel. Left over roasted turkey and rice with a salad on the side managed to quell the hunger…. I have to stop doing that to myself.

No walking tonight. Rain in the forecast may keep me from walking tomorrow. I am not liking this….

I am tired and heading to sleep early tonight.

Thanks for stopping by.



Half Way Home

A Blustery Day

Cold and windy but the sun was out and so we walked. It was way too windy today and on the far side of the track it was truly cold in the shade as the sun dipped low. I did enjoy the bleacher-sets (ran 4 of ten) and I got a thrill out of running the ¼ mile (1/8 at a time). Concerning to me was the HUGE pain I felt in my right hip while running the first 1/8 of a mile. The pain cleared quickly and I didn’t feel it as strongly on the second 1/8th.

My new running shoes are very comfortable by the way.

The weather is not cooperating with me. Looks like my big plans for a long ride or hike on Saturday will be rained out. I will get some walking in somehow but I was really looking forward to the long walk or ride….

Is it Wrong to Love a Scale?

Great news when I stepped on the scale this morning. I am in the 250’s!!! 258.6 to be precise! I got on the scale 6 times just to prove to myself that it was real. Then I moved it 8 inches to the left and stepped on it again. 258.6. Then I moved it 8 inches forward and stepped on it left foot first. 258.6. The I stood on one leg and whistled… 258.6.

I am jussst one pound from being half way to my goal. I have dropped 46.4 pounds. 47.5 is half way (so sue me over the tenth of a pound….)

I am amazed and pleased and so freaking excited!

I Have to Remember to Eat Right

Today I ate three meals. Cereal and fruit for breakfast, a piece of chicken and a roll for lunch and a nice dinner of roasted turkey and rice for dinner. Yesterday I really dipped too low with the calories and felt it today. After lunch I felt much better. 1160 calories is too low. (memo to self)

Thoughts on 258.6 pounds.

"Hey 258.6, it's good to have you back again...."

Well first off. The 0.6 is meaningless. A pint of water weights a pound… 0.6 is silly but the scale measures to tenths so….


258.6 significant to me because it means I am half way to my goal. It is significant to me because it represents much more to me than the weight loss. It means I have dedicated myself to this new lifestyle. I have adopted it, resisted the temptations, altered my mindset and adapted to the new realities of how I live now.

It is significant because I have crossed a line from “OH MY GOD, IT IS WALKING TOWARDS US” to “Gee, that is a big guy”. It is significant to me because I am now a guy who is trying to lose 45-48 pounds, not a guy trying to lose nearly 100 pounds (I have adult friends that don’t weigh 100 pounds). It is significant because I no longer feel or think like a fat man. Being in the two-hundred and fifties to me is a line crossed, emotionally and physically. To my brain, at my height, 260+ is fat. 258.6 is heavy. It is a significant difference for me.

48.4 pounds to go (hey, the 0.6 has taken me this far…).

I have come so incredibly far. I feel so freaking good! I am half way home.