A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A Wednesday Morning



I don’t plan for the possibility of failure. To plan for failure, to accept that failure is among the possible outcomes is, to me, establishing an excuse for that failure at the ready.

I have set my goals and I have my plan established and I am working towards the goals by working the plan. I have always said that the plan is flexible and can and has changed as the Journey has moved forward. When I started on the Journey I simply reduced calorie intake and started walking. As I have moved along I have stopped eating red meats, moved more towards a vegetarian diet and I have added cycling, hiking and even a little running. My calorie intake has become more precise and I have raised and lowered my daily intake to keep the weight moving off at a steady pace while making sure I am getting good nutrition. With my inability to cycle or hike right now I have reduced my calories intake from 1800 to 1600 to help compensate. That is still well within healthy limits for a person of my size. It has also had the desired results. After stagnating for two weeks, my weight is dropping again.

When I was eighteen and weighed 210 pounds I was somewhat muscular. Not Beach Body Buff mind you, but I worked hard each summer and on school vacations and I was pretty strong. Muscle is more dense than fat. So my 210 pound body was more compact and solid than the 210 pounds I will carry at fifty-one. Simply put, I do not carry anything close to the muscle I had at eighteen. Even my legs, built up from cycling, are not as powerful as the legs I had at the end of my high school years, when I would spend the entire gym period doing leg presses and leg curls on the weight machine at school. I doubt I could leg press 800 pounds as I did when I was in school.

My point is that the goal is 210 pounds. The plan, ever flexing and changing as it is, is intended to get me there and, once there, keep me there. Of course I expect some variation, a couple up, a couple down. I see that now with my weights. I might be 220 this morning (I am) and 223 tomorrow morning. It all depends on what is in my system, how much liquid did I drink and so on..

I don’t see any reason, having come this far, why I will not make the next ten pounds.

I have no failure option.


Eating the way we eat now is becoming a habit. I wonder why bad habits are so easy to establish but good habits take so much longer….

I no longer have to study menus searching for the thing to eat. I know exactly what to look for and how to configure the meal. I do not fight the temptation to have the “wrong foods”. The temptation simply isn’t there. I don’t even think about it any longer.

Repeat most anything long enough and often enough and it will become a habit. That said, never stop thinking about the goal.

Saturday will be my biggest challenge since I started this Journey. My annual cookout. Sixty-five to seventy people. Racks of smoked ribs. Smoked Pork Shoulder. Smoked Brisket. Hamburgers. Hot Dogs. Smoked Turkey. Grilled Salmon. I will limit what I eat to the turkey and salmon. I will limit the quantity as well. I will enjoy, I just will make certain I do not overindulge. To me that will mean making sure I keep it to two meals: Lunch and Dinner. No snacking, noshing, nibbling in between.

In other words: stick with the plan.


I am seeing the Orthopedist in a few of hours. I am not sure what he can do or will do today. I expect that he will schedule me for an MRI and that will take another couple of weeks. This pushes back even further any return to cycling. I can see the cycling season slipping away from me. I am not much for cold weather cycling but I may have to learn to like it if I am to get in the miles this year for my planned High Point to Cape May ride next year.

The knee is feeling OK right now. I actually had a couple of days where it nearly didn’t hurt. Now it hurts like a mild toothache. Some ibuprofen helps.

I have been walking but not nearly enough for my fitness goals. I walk a couple of miles or three but I don’t do the bleacher-sets. If I try to walk fast the knee starts to hurt and that is my body warning me that damage is being done. So I walk slowly…

I have not started upper body workouts yet. I will soon. I am really looking at that as the winter plan along with riding the wind trainer if the knee is healthy again. It is while cycling that my knee really hurts and so I am concerned about what the future holds. I am sure the Doctor will, after a fashion, get my knee right. I am just anxious for that to start NOW.

Calories cut back can only go so far in helping me reach my goals. I have to get the exercise in to burn the calories and improve the fitness. Weight loss without an increase in fitness is a devils bargain. Being leaner but no more capable simply will not work in staying at the goal weight or improving my quality of life. Need to get in the exercise.

Writing a Book

A few friends of the blog have suggested that I write a book about my Journey. I think I may do it just to have a hobby. I was thinking about a compilation of the blog posts with a commentary written from today’s (or whenever I write the book) perspective on how I view the thoughts and emotions expressed in the post.

I won’t do this until I have been on the Journey quite a bit longer, at least a year, and I have been successful at keeping the weight off and the fitness up.



7 thoughts on “A Wednesday Morning

  1. I like the idea for the format of the book.

  2. Fifty Shades of Quinoa?

  3. Great idea about writing a book. If you need permission to use other people’s comments you have my okay to use anything I’ve said.

  4. Losing the cycling must be so frustrating… I can only imagine how I’d feel if I couldn’t do the exercise I love, which is usually running. Sounds as if you have the armoury to cope with losing it though, which stands you in great stead for the future…

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