A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Sunday Morning in NJ after a Saturday in RI


I am wondering when I will start to think of myself as lean.

Drinking my iced tea harbor-side in Bristol RI.

I still think I am fat and when I see a picture of me or catch my reflection in a store window I am still surprised that it is me staring back.

I am not sure I want to think of myself as lean. Maybe it is good that my self-image is of a fat man. Perhaps that will keep me focused and moving forward with the fitness and eating right.

I went to Rhode Island yesterday with Missus to visit friends. With two of the friends we shared the day walking around our old college town, eating a light yet delicious lunch, drinking iced tea on the deck of a harbor-side restaurant, laughing and loving and enjoying the company of friends as only people completely at ease with one another can.

Walking through Bristol RI on a Beautiful Saturday afternoon.

For dinner we were joined by another friend at what I am told is the best sushi restaurant in Rhode Island (thanks Yelp). Again, good food and good company made for an enjoyable evening.

You know you are having a good time when you spend eight hours with people and at the end of the day you wish it were eight more…

I feel like a very different person now than I was 7 months ago. I felt so at ease out in public. I didn’t feel awkward. I didn’t feel conspicuous.

Interesting moment for me at the Sushi restaurant.

When we arrived, the hostess sat us at a table and I excused myself to use the restroom. When I came back the group had moved to a booth. For a moment I was upset. I tried for years to avoid booths at most restaurants because I had so little room for my body. So many booths were too tight for me to fit in comfortably, if at all. So for just a moment I was stressed… Then I remembered that I can fit in booths again. Comfortably. Little things in life that return to you when you lose weight.

Missus and I have lost a combined 150 pounds. Staggering.

The four desperado’s in Bristol. Iced Teas in hand, the harbor in the background, a light breeze blowing, and dear friends by our sides. Does life get better?

I am so very proud of Missus.

Missus in Bristol.

She looks wonderful but much more importantly, she is healthier and setting herself for a future of good health.

Even with my bad knee I enjoyed the walking yesterday. Seeing my old college town with our friends, walking along the harbor, past our old haunts… Much fun.

Not sure I would have attempted to do the NJ to RI round trip in one day before. Felt comfortable doing it yesterday.

Well, much to do today. We are driving to a different farmers market today. We have not been to this one and I am not sure how it is but we will give it a try. On our way up yesterday we decided to take some local roads to get off the highway for a bit. We passed a small farmers market, maybe ten booths. WE picked up some peaches and blackberries. The Blackberries were tasty, a mixture of sweet and tart berries that I loved but Missus enjoyed less because she does not enjoy tart foods as I do. The peaches are among the best I have ever had. Sweet, juicy, at the peak of ripeness and flavors. It was a challenge to keep the juices from running down my arms and chin. A Challenge I lost by the way as my shirt ended up absorbing a few drops of peach juice. Made me regret not buying more….

Missus and Me. We have lost 150 pounds between us. More importantly, we are setting a course for a lifetime of better health.

This is another example of how our approach to food has changed. There were two booths selling fresh-baked goods made with local produce. Peach and berry tortes, cakes, mini-pies, cakes… We walked right by them and didn’t consider buying any. Last summer they would have been in our basket…

Instead we were disappointed that there were few fresh vegetables that we could buy and store in the car for the day… So we will go today..

Sunday and our dear friend stayed over last night after watching the boys yesterday. So bagels and lox and cream cheese for breakfast by way of thanks.

Then getting the boys together and off to the farmers market. This market is on the grounds of a little shopping “destination”. Clever little shops, a few outlet stores… I am hopeful that I can buy some new pants for work while we are there.

Now that I am wearing clothes that fit I look much better. The over-sized clothes made me look either destitute or as though I had been ill. Now I look “right”. Problem is I bought Jeans and no khaki’s to wear to work so I need to find some. Wal-Mart had none that were in my size. Nice when that happens and it is not because they don’t carry that large a size! They seem to have been very low on men’s clothing overall. I am thinking it is because they are transitioning from Summer to Autumn styles….

I hope to get in my walking today at the farmers market. Otherwise I will go to the school track this evening.

SO enough procrastinating. Things to do.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning in NJ after a Saturday in RI

  1. You both look fantastic!!! I am so amazed with your journey!!! Congratulations 🙂

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