A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Quick post


A few quick thoughts

Hard to wrap my head around the weight loss. Down 98 pounds from where I started. Two more and I can say I lost 100 pounds. I am at odds with the idea of being proud of this. I realize that it is a significant accomplishment on my Journey to good health and fitness. I also have to step back and acknowledge that I had 100 Plus pounds to lose. That is a tough thing to accept overall. It is also a cautionary tale for me. If I gained it once, the risk exists that if I stray from the plan, lose sight of the goals I risk gaining the weight back. I have more to lose. I have my sights set on 200 pounds as my ultimate destination on the weight. Then maintain it. Stay with the plan, stay on the Journey, never lose sight of the fact that this is a lifelong commitment.

A few numbers to absorb:

Starting weight: 305.6 pounds

Current weight: 207.6 pounds

Starting Body Mass Index: 39.9

Current Body Mass Index: 27.0

Starting waist: 46 inches

Current waist: 34 inches

Starting Jacket: 56

Current Jacket: 46

Starting Neck Size: 19

Current Neck Size: 15.5

Starting Shoe Size: 11.5 EEE

Current Shoe Size: 11 D

Days on The Journey: 226

Calorie Deficit to lose 98 pounds: 343,000

SO Far to go

I say this a great deal: no matter how far I have come, I still have a lifetime to go. I want to lose another 8-10 pounds. I want to keep my weight there. I want to continue to improve on my fitness. I want to ride from High Point to Cape May. I want to get back to backpacking. I want to stay on the Journey.

I will keep looking at this picture to make sure I remember how far I have come and why I am on the Journey.

My reminder


8 thoughts on “Quick post

  1. 343,000 calories? That’s about 285 pints of super premium ice cream for me. Great work, Mark. Very impressive numbers all around. Every time I’ve seen you on the journey, it’s been a pleasant, giddy surprise.

  2. Mark I am fortunate that except for the freshman 15 in college I am have managed my weight quite well BUT I ditched my scale when we remodeled (it was old didnt match my bathroom) I had a rude awakening in January when I applied for Home Health Care. I bought a scale as you know. What I now allow myself to do is stick to a diet during the week but on the weekend we go to friends, or I kayak and we eat after or hike and we eat after and we go out socially. I don’t want to deprive myself so I enjoy and then watch it during the week. Give yourself some leeway so that you can do that too and enjoy the foods you love!

    • right now I have to operate under the understanding that giving myself leeway is how I eneded up at 300+ pounds. Until I am certain beyond any question that I can control my eating under all circumstances I need to keep doing exactly what I am doing.

  3. So amazing though!! You’ve lost so much already!

  4. I can’t believe the change in one week. I just got back from the cottage and was surprised at how much weight you’ve lost since last Friday. Congratulations!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on your journey. It’s truly inspiring!

  6. This is how it has been the entire Journey. My weight stagnates, comes down so slowly that I think I will lose my mind and then it drops off like I used a saw……

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