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Eating, Cycling and agreeing to Celebrate

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Good Food

One of the many benefits to the changes I have made in the way I eat is the rediscovery of my love of vegetables and fruits.

When making a quick lunch on a Saturday in the past I would grab some cold cuts, some cheese, a couple of slices of bread and make a sandwich. No big deal.

Homemade roll, heirloom tomato, fresh basil….

Now I slice up an heirloom tomato, julienne some fresh basil, put it on a homemade roll and spread a little stone-ground mustard. No big deal but a world better for me.

A regular part of our weekend is a trip to a Farmers Market for fresh, locally grown produce. I have “discovered” Golden Beets, Red Beets, Kale…

Tonight’s dinner is a good example, I think, of the way we eat now. We will have red cabbage and kale (a new-found love) and some corn on the cob, and I am experimenting with pinto beans, not sure what I will do with them tonight. One of the side dishes will be salmon cakes. We bought a salmon filet and I will chop it up and mix it with a little egg, some bread crumbs, a bit of seasoning and some herbs and spinach to make a nice cake, sear it in the pan and then finish it in the oven. You may have noticed I call it a side dish. For most that would be the main dish but we don’t eat that way any longer. For us the protein is now the side dish and the vegetables are the main.

This morning we had steel-cut oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast. Not typical for us to have hot cereal for breakfast in the summer but Missus and I were both in the mood for it and what the heck….. Along with the tomato sandwich, I have had some delicious foods today.

I have nibbled on some fresh blueberries and had a plum.

Really looking forward to dinner.

Back on the Bike Tomorrow

The weather did not cooperate this morning for my first bike ride since June 28. Damp and rainy. Not a fun way to ride. With the forecast for tomorrow much more promising I decided to put the ride off until then. I am still planning the 20 mile loop and I am feeling confident. The knee still hurts but it is nowhere near the level of pain I felt when it first happened so I am cautiously optimistic. I am also nervous.

I am pleased that I have been able to maintain the weight loss without cycling but I do not want to be off the bike any more. I want to ride…. You can count on me to write about the ride…

Yes, I Schedule most Everything…

My friend PGB has been a companion on several hikes. We have hiked the local trails and we have gone up to the Preserve together as well. We have planned a hike Wednesday evening. After the hike we are going to a favorite pizza joint and I am planning to eat two slices of pizza. My first pizza this year. My first pizza since I started this Journey. Barring rain….. Two slices. No more. I calculate that the hike will be more than sufficient to burn off the pizza and I will plan carefully to make sure I stay within the new calorie limit of 2200 per day. The 2200 is intended to slow down my weight loss so I can slowly approach 200 pounds and then maintain it. The pizza this coming Wednesday can fit in to this if I am careful.

I wouldn’t have just any pizza by the way. This pizza is among the best I have ever had. The Restaurant has been around for 70+ years and is still owned by the original family. Very good food. The pizza has a strong following. The only place I have ever heard of that you had to make a reservation for takeout. We called on a Wednesday for a pizza. The earliest available was 9:00 PM that night but we could have one Thursday at 6:30! Unique….

I had a vegetarian friend who went off the wagon with a hamburger at the 21-Club in NYC. I think at the time the burger was $28.00. His thinking was if you are going to do something like that, abandon being a vegetarian, don’t do it at McDonald’s….  He went right back to being a vegetarian but said he really enjoyed the burger….

If I am going to eat pizza again, it isn’t going to be Pizza Hut.

To be clear: this is a one-shot deal. Some pizza with a good friend to celebrate reaching 205 pounds. 100 pounds off. Back to the plan immediately.


One thought on “Eating, Cycling and agreeing to Celebrate

  1. Yep. I never would have suggested a couple of slices of pizza when you were 255, 245, 235, 225, and so on. Now that you’ve passed your first goal weight and you’re plummeting towards your secondary goal, I figured this would be a worthwhile course correction.

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