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Sunday: Disappointments and Pleasures


Not What I had Hoped for

Today was the big day. Today was the day when I could return to the bike, get back on the road, cycle again….

For those that have not been bludgeoned about the neck and head with my constant crying over hurting my knee and not being able to cycle, a quick recap:

On June 18 I was on a club bike ride when I dropped my chain on a hill and landed awkwardly, twisting my knee and tearing the meniscus. Not realizing I had a tear I tried to ride again the next weekend and that ride ended with my knee in terrible pain and my heart sinking…

The Doctor said that I could return to cycling the week. SO I was going to ride yesterday but the weather said no. Today was BEAUTIFUL for cycling.

I suited up and off I rode with, I must say, a great deal of trepidation. I was really pleased when a couple of miles in I felt no pain but my heart sank to new lows when at 4 miles it started to hurt and by 6 miles I realized I would not be able to do the 20 miles I had planned. At 8.25 miles I pulled over and called Missus and she rescued me.

SO here I am. No further along after 45 days off the bike than I was the last time I tried to ride, June 28th.

Ok, so what do I do now? I am calling the Orthopedist on Monday and I hope he will see me sooner than the already scheduled appointment in two more weeks. And then we will see what he says and see what can be done.

At least I can walk. Not without pain after cycling today. But I can walk. So walking is what I will do.

A Picture to Ponder

The picture you see here I put together this morning. Missus snapped the picture on the right and I pasted it together with the one on the left. You may recognize that picture from yesterdays post.

On the left, near as I can figure, I was between 315 and 320 pounds. That jacket is the largest I have ever owned. If was a 56 if memory serves. I am wearing a 46 now.

Yeah, a little bit of a change

Why post this? Well several reason I suppose:

  • To illustrate just how far I have come.
  • To illustrate just what it means when a man a bit over six feet tall says he weighed 315+ pounds
  • To illustrate that it CAN be done.

At the age of 51 I am in far better condition than I was at 40. The really sad thing is that I was in that condition for all of my forties and the first part of my fifties.

Never again.


I had a nice vegetarian day today. The only thing that kept it from being a vegan day was the milk in my cereal and my coffee.

I really like eating this way. I love the vegetables, I love the challenge as a chef to make the vegetarian meals interesting and full flavored to a person (me) who has been happily carnivorous most of his life. Tonight was red cabbage and kale left over from last night, beans and vegetables, corn on the cob and roasted beets. As a special treat I made fresh artichokes. Very filling and very nutritious and very delicious.

I have made up the recipes as I go along with little input from cookbooks. I am going to start using some cookbook vegetarian recipes if only to expand my knowledge and give me a base for technique and combinations. Also have to figure out what changes will come as the weather turns to winter and the availability of fresh produce withers in the cold. Mind you, not committing to a vegetarian diet full-time but I am really enjoying it….


Overheard a neighbor a few days ago: “he must have lost 100 pounds”.

Go ahead and try to peel the grin off my face…


3 thoughts on “Sunday: Disappointments and Pleasures

  1. I’m also trying to convert my family to a vegetable-based diet, despite the reluctance of my meat-and-potatoes-preferring husband. This recipe is one of our favorites…To the husband’s shock, he realized he COULD like kale, and eat a vegan meal for dinner.


    Congrats on your journey so far, and my sympathies on the knee injury. I’ve had a frustrating year with injury, too, so I commiserate!

  2. My sister and a friend both swear by almond milk in cereal. 40 cal

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