A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A Needed Lift


I ate pizza and I lived to tell…

So I had Pizza today. A delicious Pepper and Onion pie at the Reservoir Tavern. I had, as I promised myself I would, two slices. It was wonderful with a crisp and thin crust with just the right amount of all that makes pizza wonderful. And the World Did Not Come to an End.

Of course I planned carefully for this first excursion in to forbidden territory in 9 months. I had a breakfast of bagel and cream cheese (400 calories) and no lunch so I could enjoy the pizza tonight without concern for calorie counts. My calculations and research tell me that the slices were somewhere around 350 calories each so I called them 400 each when I put them in the calorie counting website I use. I came home at a tidy 1200 calories. I had a tomato sandwich on a Pepperidge Farm Deli thin bread and we had a leftover Golden Beet (35 calories) and that has brought me to 1400 calories. A pickle and later a piece of fruit will bring me to the 1500+ range for the day and I am very pleased with that.

Pizza will not make a regular appearance on my menu but it was a nice thing to have to celebrate the distance traveled on my Journey so far.

The enjoyment of the pizza was made double by good conversation with a good friend. We talked about doing a long hike in New Hampshire in September of next year. Unthinkable just 9 months ago.

It is remarkable to me how an hour or so spent with a friend over a good meal in conversation can lift me out of my black moods. Not all friends have that effect on me. PGB does, others do, not all. Glad I spent the evening with him.

The rain destroyed any chance at a hike. Glad I passed on lunch today…


I am now firmly below 210 pounds. My weight has bounced up and down a few pounds at a time all along this Journey of mine. I might be up or down 2-3 pounds from one day to the next. I don’t really consider myself below a weight until I have gone several days without my weight bouncing back up to that weight. So today when I again tipped the scale at 208 pounds I allowed myself to think of my weight as below 210. Strange little mind games I play with myself.

This is a single-minded focus the likes of which I have never experienced. My focus on getting and staying fit has become as march a part of my life as my wife and children. They are first. Fitness and health are second.

Looking Right

PGB said something interesting tonight (well he does almost every time I see him but I digress..). He said that until seeing me this time I have looked like I was in transition, someone who was losing weight. Now I look as I should look. Things are hanging together right I guess. I tend to agree. When I look in the mirror I do feel I look right. The skin has tightened up on my face, neck, arms. I no longer look like I am losing weight or have lost weight. I look like a trim and fit person. It was good to hear that. Very good.

Sunday Plans

On Sunday I am working one of the rest areas for one of the largest organized bicycle rides in New Jersey. Some 1400 or so riders will ride courses ranging from 12 to 125 miles.

I have done a fair number of these organized rides. I have always appreciated that some people, rather than ride, would spend the day working the rest areas and making sure we have food, water, restrooms and a little relaxation on the ride. I had planned to do this ride. I was ready for the 62 mile course, a metric century in cycling terms. Then the famous knee injury and I was out of the ride.

I am really happy that I am getting to help at the rest area. Truly. This is an opportunity to give back a bit I suppose. I am looking forward to meeting the cyclists, seeing the variety of bikes, helping them on their rides in any way I can.

It will be a long day, some eight and a half hours when all is said and done. I am sure it will fly by. I also know it will renew my appreciation for the people who work the rest areas and next time I do ride I will be sure to thank them for their efforts.

Saturday Plans

Thinking of putting a chicken on the smoker. Never done that. Smoked turkey, never chicken. Should be very good. A trip to the farmers market on Saturday morning might be in order and then some relaxation with the family.

I like when I can clear my mind a little and start thinking about Saturday and Sunday Plans.

Yes, a good meal with a good friend really can lift me out of the black mood.


4 thoughts on “A Needed Lift

  1. I am so proud of you. Although we’ve never met in person I feel that I’ve really gotten to know you through this blog. You are an inspiration to me and help me with my own weight loss journey. I’m glad you enjoyed the pizza. Helping at the bike race and ‘giving back’ is a positive approach to your personal setback and should also help you through your ‘dark days’.

  2. congratulations on your success – it would be tough for me to do what you have accomplished

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