A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

207 and it Feels Good


A Mild Rant.

I am hovering at 207 pounds right now. Three pounds below my goal weight of 210. I am now working my way slowly to 200 pounds and I am very pleased with how it is progressing. I am at a 34 inch waist and the Large size shirt I wear now are a little loose, just the way I like a shirt. All in all this part of the Journey is going so very well….

I am not a believer in DIET programs. I have said that many times on this blog. I think they will help you lose weight. I also think they teach you little If anything about keeping the weight off. Taking weight off is now and probably always will be work. I know of no magic recipe, formula, pill or plan that will change that basic fact. A life time of bad habits and bad decisions got me to 300+ pounds and I knew it would not come off overnight now would I be able to take a passive approach to keeping it off. I would have to work at it.

Work at it I have and work at it I will continue to do.

PGB gave me some good advice. He told me that he watches his weight carefully and does not worry when he goes up a pound or two but he takes notice. When he goes up five, that is when he attacks! More exercise, smaller portions. In this way he makes certain that he stays within the range he wants to be. He claims to have gained weight since High School. I have never known him to be dishonest but… Well let us just say he is still fit and trim. It is good to know that it is something he works at….

Back to the DIET programs…

Please don’t be upset if I am attacking something you hold near and dear. If it works for you and you are taking of the weight and working towards a healthier you then it is a good thing.

My problem with DIET programs is they do not teach you how to eat after the weight is off and you stop the DIET program. I have called them the Cabbage-soup-lemon-juice-hot-sauce DIETS in this space in the past.

Crash programs that vastly alter your caloric intake and nutritional profile and not necessarily for the better. When you are done, and have lost the weight you will not know how to keep it off because you will not have learned how to eat.

What happens when you stop buying their foods? What happens when you are shopping for yourself, eating at a friend’s home, going to a restaurant? Will you know how to regulate what you eat?

This is why I have taught myself how to eat, how to cook, how to live to maintain the weight loss. I have no desire to live the last 100 pounds again. I am very proud of what I have accomplished over the last 8 months. I simply never want to do it again. I want the weight gone for good and so I have learned to regulate what I eat, make careful choice, walk away from the offered doughnuts, turn down the pizza, say no to seconds. I can now sit in a restaurant and quickly calculate how the meal choice in front of me will work within the plan. I can now look in to the pantry and select the foods that will work with the plan for the day.

This is not over with, not by any stretch of the imagination. Not for one day, not one meal, do I ever just eat. Every meal, every day, I run my mental arithmetic. Ever meal, everyday, I enter the foods in to the website and count my calories and figure out how it is working with the plan.

Why? Why not allow myself that day of indulgence, the cheat day, a day of hedonistic gluttony? Many well-intentioned and learned people have told me I should. Told me that I will do better in the long run if I allow myself to let loose once in a while.

I won’t because I am comfortable now with the way I eat. I like it, I enjoy it and I have no guilt. I also have no fear. If I were to let myself indulge that one day a week or a month, I would be afraid that it was the start of a slide back to obesity.

PGB came to my cookout with a backpack weighted with 85 pounds of rock salt. He wanted to try to understand what my weight loss really felt like. I admire the effort. Most would never consider giving that a try.

I am going to say this as a fact and it is certainly a fact in my world, not just an opinion: If you have never been obese you cannot possibly understand what it is like. You cannot possibly understand what needing to lose 100 pounds is like. If you have never been there you cannot understand how different needing to lose 100+ pounds is from needing to take of 20. It goes so far beyond what you have experienced that it is another world. It is simply impossible to convey in any meaningful, comprehensible way.

Losing 20 pounds was easy. It was the next 80 that was hard.

I know that the 5 pounds that make the suit tight or the dress not hang right is important. It is certainly worth losing and I understand why it is upsetting and I know how hard it can be to lose.

What I am saying is that unless you have lived everyday with 50% more weight on your body than you should carry, when losing 33% of your body weight takes you from morbidly obese to merely overweight, then you cannot understand how intimidating, frightening, overwhelming eating just a slice of pizza can be.

So why do I not allow the indulgence? Because I do not ever want to have to fight my way back to 207 pounds again.

Tonight I had a wonderful dinner. Turkey burger and veggie burger, red cabbage and Kale, baked sweet potato, grilled Portobello with Swiss cheese, two slices of bread. So very delicious. So very filling. 850 calories. Brought me to 1500 for the day.

What would be better than that? A Big Mac?

I have lost 98.5 pounds and I am eating better than I ever have.

Chickens in the Smoker

I am putting two chickens in the smoker tomorrow. I have never smoked chickens before so this will be a nice change. I have cooked turkey in the smoker several times so this will not be much of a stretch. Just an interesting expansion of the cookbook. A friend may come over for dinner tomorrow. Otherwise we will have smoked chicken for dinner for a few days.

Well, truth be told, that is why I am making two. It will give us leftovers for a few days. Good planning!

Sunday will be a Good Day

Sunday is the day of the bike ride I can’t do because of my freaking knee. I am truly looking forward to working the rest area but I do so wish that I could ride. Painful as the knee is it is not as painful as not being able to ride.

I will be working the rest area in my Hot Pepper Cap and my Rainbow Sneakers. I like to have fun.

I am going to try a knee brace. What the heck. At this point I will do most anything that will let me ride again.

By the way, the Black Dog is leaving me alone the last few days.


2 thoughts on “207 and it Feels Good

  1. M, another aspect of your journey I admire is that you articulate amd appreciate the value of friends, esp. old friends with shared interests. We parents often get too busy with work or childrens’ activities to spend quality time with dear friends. I’m trying to emulate and hike or walk with friends instead of eating!

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