A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Getting Life Back one pound at a time.


Things Big and Small

I am really liking the thinner me. It is easier to sit in chairs, on the sofa, in cars. I can sit cross-legged for the first time in YEARS, hell DECADES! I CAN DO IT SITTING IN MY DESK CHAIR!!! I do have to say however that the knee resents me doing that….


I am liking this a great deal. SO many of the things I couldn’t do that I put off to the encroachment of age have come back to me and I have learned it was the encroachment of my girth, not my age.

I blamed my age for my loss of flexibility and that was the reason I couldn’t get comfortable on my bike. Now I am thinner and I fit the bike JUST fine thank you very much….

Hips no longer hurt, feet don’t hurt. I sleep on my back. I no longer snore.

SO much of LIFE has come back to me! OK, I can’t cycle right now, but I could and the knee issue has nothing to do with my size. But I can walk, I can hike, I can run. I can sit cross-legged on my desk chair. I can cross my legs.

Little things, big things, some things great and some small…

All because one morning I woke up and decided it was time to stop wishing and hoping the weight would come off.

I no longer look at the weight rating on bicycles I am admiring or at the weight ratings of components like wheels… I don’t have to. I am under 225. I am under 220.. I am under 210. I am not a BIG man any more.

Little things…

All because I decided that starting to lose the weight could happen right then and right there.

I like the way I look now. I like the view when I look straight down and see the floor between my feet, not my gut sticking out like the belly on a whale.

Little things. The only men’s clothing stores I can’t shop in are the Big Men’s shops. They have nothing small enough for me.

Big things: I feel great. Nothing hurts much anymore. My BP is improved and I might get off the meds.

I have more energy for work, for family, for friends.

I have more energy to spend with my boys.

I am 20 years younger now than I was just 10 months ago.

This is a fun time for me.

Ok, I Will Give Advice:

I have avoided giving advice on weight loss since I results started to show. The reason is simple: I am not qualified. All I am is a guy from New Jersey who found himself fat as a house and decided that enough was enough and it was time to take the weight off.

My blog has been about MY feelings, my efforts, my success and my failures, fears, anxiety, struggles and triumphs. Very little advice.

I will now give this little bit of advice.

Stop talking about wanting to lose weight. Start losing weight. Make the changes you need to make and do it. Eat Less. Move More. Do it now.

Don’t tell me that you need your beer, your extra-large French Fries, your six cookies with a glass of whole milk each night and then tell me that you try to lose weight and nothing happens.

Do it Now. Stop TRYING. Start DOING.

If I am an inspiration for any reason let it be that I DID IT. I stopped trying, stopped hoping, stopped wishing and I DID IT and I am DOING it EVERY DAY.

I did not go on a DIET. I changed the way I eat. I changed it permanently. I reduced my calories by increasing my vegetables, and I eliminated the high calories junk that was clogging up my body.

Enough pontificating.

I have slipped closer and closer to being a vegetarian….

I am still eating fish and I had chicken this weekend but today was a vegetarian day and I find myself simply not desiring the fish or the chicken. When planning the menu for dinner I find I have to remind myself to add the fish….

Not a bad thing mind you. Dinner tonight was Kabocha squash, Chinese broccoli braised in a little canola with chili pepper, garlic and a dash of low sodium soy, corn on the cob (not so good) and two black bean and chipotle burgers.

A very tasty dinner and I did not miss the fish or chicken at all.

Not sure I will ever call myself a vegetarian but I am heading the way and eating meatless more often than not…

Comfort in one’s skin is really what is important right? I was not happy the way I was and I certainly was not comfortable in my skin. I am now. I am now liking what I see and how I feel and I do encourage people to take their own Journey.

I think my friend KR would call what I have done over the last 9 months or so an emotional walk-about. I took my “self” on a Journey of discovery. I have been in search of who I am, who I want to be. I have not found all the answers but I have found many. I have many more answers to find.

I am pushing on to get to 200 pounds. I am feeling good about that destination. I am excited at the prospect os seeing slightly less than 200 on the scale. I am more excited at the prospects of keeping the weight off. I think they are good.

With al that I am learning I feel I have a good approach to keeping the weight off.

At 206 pounds I look good, I feel good and I am pleased with the way I eat and what I eat. Why would I allow myself to go back?

Time to relax for the night


8 thoughts on “Getting Life Back one pound at a time.

  1. Great advice! I read a lot of weight loss blogs and that’s exactly what I want to say to a lot of people who “wish” they weighed less. I was one of those people just 5 months ago and even though my weight loss has slowed down recently I know that “doing it” is the only way the weight will come off. In my last post I asked people to ‘wish me luck’ in reaching my 30 pound goal before my birthday but I know that I have to do the work to make it happen. Thanks for all your support. You are truly an inspiration.

  2. You ARE inspirational!! And I love the shoes on the shelf behind you in the picture, I want them!!!

    It’s great when you notice how much your body has changed! Lately I’ve been wondering where all these protruding bones have come from?!

    And I like the “sort of” vegetarianism. I’m like that too. I don’t eat much meat at all anymore.

    • Sadly they are no longer made…. Can still find them around on E-bay and so forth… I bought them to embarrass my younger son and it worked. They are also very comfortable and great conversation starters

      And thank you for the positive comments.

      I know all about the protruding bones. I have collar bones! WHO KNEW?

  3. So glad you are comfortable. My turn next! 😀

    Steroids suck really bad. lol. I kept my regular pants.



  4. “I am 20 years younger now than I was just 10 months ago.” Yeehah!

  5. You look great Mark looking forward to feeling 20 years younger, I’m up to 10 years, half to go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. i have noticed less meat in my meals too.

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