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The Shock of Recognition and Single-minded Focus (and other thoughts from the weekend)

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Shock of Recognition

I spent yesterday traveling to Maryland and then enjoying the housewarming get-together at my brothers vacation home.

It was nice to meet some new people and to see the truly lovely home they have near the Chesapeake Bay.

There were a couple of people there that I have met before but they have never met me. Let me explain….

I am no longer recognizable to people who did not see the weight loss in progress. A lady at the party, a friend of my brother and his wife whom I had met several times before at their annual Memorial Day Weekend party introduced herself to me and said she was happy to finally meet the other brother. She had met the one that comes to the Memorial Day party but had never met me….

I had to smile….

When I showed her this picture she remarked “yes that’s him”. I said “no, that’s me”…

Yes, honest, same person……

THEN the shock or recognition….. Broad smiles, congratulations, the usual how did you do it questions….

Single-minded Focus

On the way home today, as I was not driving, I had the time to think about the question “how did you do it”. Beyond the change in how I eat, beyond the increased activity, beyond all the “growth” and so forth, I want to know how I did this.

The answer is this: Single Minded Focus. I wrapped myself up in this. I made the loss of the weight the single most important part of my life outside of my family.

Yes I do talk about it constantly. Yes I do think about, talk about, write about what I ate, why I ate it, when I ate it, to the point of distraction. I concentrate deeply on everything I consume, be it beverage or solid, fruit, vegetable or animal. I consider the effect on the plan of every day’s menu. Yes, I talk about it too much. At least, I have been told that. I am guessing it is annoying some people, at least that is the indication I have been given.


I haven’t accomplished a thing yet and so this is what I am about right now. .

I have lost the weight but I have yet to prove to myself that I can keep it off. I have yet to find out if these efforts, the Journey as I call it to the point of cliché, has truly created good habits or if the effort, the single-minded focus, is all that stands between me and a gradual return to obesity.

No, I don’t know what my friends had for breakfast but one or two will probably hear from me what I had. I might even post it on Facebook if I made something very good. I often put the days menu in my blog. Dinner is posted once in a while. Especially if I made something that plates up very nicely. I may take a picture or two and post it. This is how I got here. Talking, writing, thinking, sharing everything I can or could about the Journey.

I am sure at some point, I hope before I have alienated my last friend, I will talk about it much less, write about it much less, think about it much less. Until that time, I will keep doing what I am doing with a single-minded focus on saving my life.

Other thoughts from the weekend

I learned a little about myself this weekend.

I like not eating.

It gives me pleasure to not be the person with the full plate. I am enjoying not being the fat man in the room. I like the nimbleness of being lighter, trimmer. Navigating the room during the party, it was a pleasure to not take up two spaces. Holding conversation without a plate of food in my hands, having to finish what I was eating to respond to a question…

I was much more comfortable in the hotel bed. Firmer than the bed at home, I was able to get comfortable and sleep because I was not 300+ pounds weighing down on a hard surface.

I can wrap a hotel towel around me now.

At the breakfast buffet at the hotel this morning I saw a large man walk past with at least 5 omelets on the two plates he was carrying. He was followed by a large wife carrying a similar amount. At the buffet there were 4 or 5 people waiting patiently while the lady working the buffet scrambled to get more omelets out…. I hate the term “All you can eat”. It is a poisonous term that sends all the wrong messages.

Just saying….

Sitting in a car for 4 or 5 hours is not as uncomfortable as it used to be. I have much more room and no longer feel squeezed in to the seat….

SO many things are better without the weight.

Even if I am annoying.


One thought on “The Shock of Recognition and Single-minded Focus (and other thoughts from the weekend)

  1. Absolutely amazing! I needed this today. Thank you so much. We all enjoy reading about your journey, motivation, inspiration. Keep up the amazing work & if sharing it all keeps you on track then share, share, share. This is about you living your life. 🙂 Thank you again & have a blessed day!

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