A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more


Sunday: My World is Good.

When I started this Journey going for a walk was a hardship, something I knew I had to do but something that was difficult to do and tiring and frustrating.

Today I went for a walk. My last for a while, until the knee is healed from the surgery. Today was wonderful and frustrating. I enjoyed the walk, about 7 miles in the woods of the Rockefeller Preserve, but was also frustrated by the knowledge that it would be my last walk for a bit, maybe a month, maybe more. I am not sure what to expect really. I do know that certain motions will not be advisable at first and that I will need physical therapy.

I doubt I will be walking the Preserve again before December. So wonderful. So Frustrating. So far from when I started this Journey. Now walking is my joy, my comfort, my time for meditation.

The weather during the walk was magnificent. Bright blue sky, warm sunshine, a crispness in the air. Couples, young and old, walking along and holding hands. Dogs gamboling about, squirrels and chipmunks darting around, snakes slithering along the trail… Yeeeshh. Hate snakes.

View Along The Hudson

The knee is aching. At least I burned off the breakfast at the Carnegie Deli. Scrambled eggs with lox and onion, a bialy, some home fries…. 1000 calories. OH MY. No lunch, just an apple. A dinner of TVP tacos and no evening snack to keep me in line with the plan.

The Younger, Missus, Me, The Uncle, The Older
In front of the Carnegie Deli NYC

Loved the breakfast but it sat in me like a lead weight. I just don’t eat like that anymore….

As I was walking along I couldn’t help but think about the first time I hiked there about a year ago. I was exhausted after a three-mile walk. I questioned my sanity for even thinking about doing it. I was fat and out of shape and I was struggling up hills that now I don’t even realize I have walked.

The Hudson

I did seven miles today and could have done twenty if the knee had been willing and the storm clouds had not rolled in. This is what it is all about, you know. It is about being able to have a life. It is about being able to enjoy a walk in the woods on a comfortable fall day. It is about being able to walk, run, hike, bike, live, work and play and not feel exhausted all the time. It is about being able to have a life of activity and involvement. It is about not sitting at the side lines (too tired to stand) and watching the rest of the world go by. Living. That is what the Journey is about.

Do I feel good? HELL YES. I feel like life is back in my hands. I feel in control of my world. I am not a spectator. I am a participant again.

Why did I lose the weight? Because I wanted to be a part of the world. I wanted LIFE, I wanted to experience LIFE. I wanted to talk about, write about, my adventures. I wanted to be involved again.

I have learned that it will not be given to you. No magic, no wishes, no lottery winning, is going to make it happen. I had to get involved in my life. I had to find my way to the destination. I have found it. I continue to find it, to explore, to discover. I am in control and I am running MY show.

Eat less. Eat Right. Move More. This is what it is about.



Apple Picking Today, Changes Around the Corner

Apple Picking

We are going Apple Picking today. It will be a nice autumn day and we are off to the mountains north of here to the town of Warwick NY for our annual apple expedition. It should be fun. I am looking forward to it more this year than last or the years before that. Simple really: I won’t get tired walking around the apple trees.

We will pick the two large (overpriced) bags of fresh apples right off the trees, Delicious, Macintosh, Macoun, Granny Smiths…. Then it is off to the Pioneer Restaurant for lunch. This is our annual ritual. WE enjoy it as a family. I will enjoy it more this year. I will try to post some pictures later…

Bigger Changes

We are moving.

My family and I are leaving North Jersey sometime in the not so distant future and relocating to east-central Pennsylvania. I have accepted a position with a company out that way and it is far too distant to commute regularly.

Sometimes you just know it is time for a change. This is one of those times. Returning to the industry I have worked in for 30 years. Leaving a company I never felt right in.

Leaving our home of 15 years, the longest I have lived any one place, will not be easy. Making the Younger one leave the only home he has ever known, disrupting the Older ones routine, making Missus pack-up and move…

Difficult things to do but I know that I am doing the right thing for my family in the long-term.

Well things to do to get ready for the day