A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A view at the end of the weekend


Went for a walk in the woods

Today was a good day. A very good day. I went for a walk in the woods with my friend PGB at the Rockefeller Preserve. WE did a nice brisk 7 and half miles in about 2 and half hours. The knee cooperated and I was able to enjoy the walk without much pain. I expect I will be in pain tonight and perhaps tomorrow but for now all is well.

Afterwards we came back to the house, sat on the deck and chatted and then I prepared a dinner of salmon marinated with low sodium soy sauce and fresh grated ginger, slow cooked on the grill. We cooked some corn on the grill and some sweet potato as well. I sautéed some mushrooms and we also served some salad of red and romaine lettuce with yellow and red tomato on the side.

To my relief, it all came out well.

It was a good and active day, getting some fresh air and exercise and spending time in the company of a good friend. There is not much more that I want out of life…

The walks in the preserve work well for me. The hills are not steep and the trails are mostly crush stone or dirt and so they are easy on the knee. The level of exertion is low enough that conversation is easy. Even missing a turn or two along the way does not throw you off course by much.

It is certainly worth the 45-minute drive for me. I am glad the PGB also found it so.

Things I couldn’t think of before

PGB has asked me if I would be interested in a hike along Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire this time next year. The trail goes from hut to hut, each about one days hike from the last. As back packing goes, it is a very civilized way to travel. You sleep in a bed with blankets under a roof and eat meals at tables. You don’t have to lug a tent or sleeping bag or all that much food. Just your clothing, critical supplies and your snacks and lunch.

We are looking at a ten-day trip and I am getting excited at the prospect. The planning part is next.

Of this much I am certain: I could not have even considered this 10 months ago. The offer might not have been extended at all but even if it was, I would have immediately and politely declined. It was not within the realm of possibility, I couldn’t even think of it before.

Of all the changes that have occurred as I have lost 100 pounds, it is this, the ability to consider a 10-day trip in the mountains, a 100 mile ride on a bike, a 7+ mile day hike with a friend, that has surprised me the most. I didn’t think of it when I started this Journey. I only thought about losing weight, getting to know myself better and being able to ride my bike and maybe doing some 30-40 mile rides.

That I am now able to consider trips such as this and have as my only concern that ability to get the time off from work is a surprise. It means that I have turned a corner not only in terms of my fitness and weight but in my mind as well. There was not a moments hesitance on my part about my physical ability to take such a trip. That is a major step for me. I simply switched right to how to get the time off and would Missus have any objections.

Change is good.

Demonstrating the Change

I have cooked for PGB on several occasions. I have hosted the annual cookout and hosted dinners large and small at my home. PGB has sampled my cooking and I think he would say I am a pretty good cook.

Tonight was the first time I have cooked dinner for him since I so dramatically changed the way I eat and, by extension the way I cook.

The menu was as I stated above.

PGB regularly reads this blog. He said, with a broad smile, that he was glad to finally eat the food instead of reading about it!

I was pleased to demonstrate the change in that way. I was happy that the meal turned out well and I think also PGB could see that despite the large fillet on the table, Missus and I had only the one portion of fish, the one serving of sweet potato and corn. This is how we live now, not just in the blog but it really is our life.

PGB is fit and trim and to my recollection he always has been. It was something of a surprise to me when he told me how closely he watches his weight. The tendency of people who have struggled with weight is to assume that those who don’t get heavy are just naturally lean, that somehow they simply do not have to concern themselves with the risk of weight gain. That he has to watch it carefully gave me a great deal of reassurance about likelihood of success in my efforts

What he told me will serve as a model for me as I go forward on the Journey. What he said, and I hope he will clarify by was of a comment on the blog if I get it wrong, is that he watches his weight but not really what he eats. As long as he is staying within 2-3 pounds of his preferred weight he doesn’t worry. When he gets to 4 pounds or so above he starts to pay attention and if he gets to 5 or so he takes immediate action. He throttles back on what he eats and gets the weight back to the preferred weight. In this way he can maintain his weight and not worry t much at all about the what and how much most of the time.

This is how I plan to move forward as I learn to judge and control what I eat without the constant reassurance of the FITBIT and Loseit.com.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

This weekend started out with big plans. A picnic, a trip to visit the Mother-in-law, the hike with PGB…

The picnic was ok, but the Older one had problems getting himself adjusted to going out and the morning was a battle. It took us an hour and a half to get him out the door and then he wouldn’t stay with us and we ended up chasing after him half the time.

The next day was worse. Much worse. After two hours of trying, we were unsuccessful getting him together and so I sent Missus and the Younger one off to visit the M-I-L without me and the Older one. This was not how my mind had planned it out.

Today was the one day that went as planned and as such it is a nice cap to the weekend.

One thing I have learned on this Journey is that I do not control everything in my life. I have learned I have to make the best of the situation no matter. It is easier to say than to do and I am still a work in progress where this is concerned.

So, all in all the weekend was good, the Journey continues well, the life is good and getting better with each step forward in fitness, both physical and mental.


2 thoughts on “A view at the end of the weekend

  1. Mark,

    Perhaps in the bigger scheme of things, your older son needed the one-on-one time with you. To him, that may have been more important than visiting his grandmother. That’s not to put down the importance of a boy visiting his grandmother.

    You have been given the gift of this very calm, baritone voice. While your voice is calm, it resonates with authority. The rare blend of unconditional love combined with a voice that calls for discipline is a blessed gift for your older son. And, for that matter, for your younger son as well.

    You are a good, kind and compassionate soul. Both of your sons are blessed to have you as their father.


    • I could only wish that were the case. He is going through issues right now and simply didn’t want to cooperate. After his mother and brother left he spent the rest of the day in his room.

      Life is a never ending adventure.

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