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Friday Malaise

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Still Suffering this Outrageous Cold

I rarely get colds that hit with this ferocity. I have had the flu, and this isn’t the flu. What it is, is a BAD head cold. Sore throat, watery eyes, achy muscles, headache, low-grade fever. Just a head cold. Yuck.

The cold has been bad enough that I didn’t go to work yesterday or today. I also didn’t sleep much at all last night. I tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position. Not much luck on that front. Finally, at 7:30 AM I gave up the notion of sleeping and got up to shower and dress.

That is my state now, sitting writing a blog post at 8:00 AM instead of being productive at work.

One of the bad things about this is the inactivity having a cold forces on me. I didn’t get in any walking yesterday and I will likely not get much in today. Even walking the dogs is an effort of will. At 3:00 PM today I have to head out to the airport to pick up a friend who is visiting for the weekend. I will try not to give her this cold.

Stepping on the scale this morning I am at 203.8 lbs. I suspect it is water gain from taking in so much fluid yesterday and also of course the inactivity. I don’t think it is real weight gain. That is to say fat put back on. When sick I tend to eat more than I normally would and I had around 2500 calories yesterday. Right at the upper limit I have set for myself. With the weekend here I have to be extra careful. With a friend visiting that extra care gets taken up to an even higher level because I am a social eater. I will just keep picking at food all night if I lose track and stop paying attention when we have company.

I plan to make a smoked turkey tomorrow. Our friend, KAR, eats a diet very much like the ours and the smoked turkey s a perfect fit for us all. In the morning I hope the three of us will traipse off to the Boonton Farmers Market and select some fruits for snacking and vegetables for the dinner.

Sunday I plan to make a marinated Salmon fillet and grilled fruits and vegetables. It will make for a festive meal.

See how I plan everything? This is healthy for me to do now but I have to think that at some point this obsession with planning everything I eat is going to be just that: an obsession. I cannot imagine that long-term it is healthy mentally.

I know that a couple of my friends are concerned that I am too focused on the weight loss. The concern is that this could become something along the lines of anorexia. I understand the concern. I am concerned that I am still so hyper-focused on additional weight loss when by most measures I am at a very good weight. I have said before that I am having trouble transitioning from loss to maintenance. I am focused on getting to 195 and I am COMMITTED to staying with that as my goal.

Home Exercise

The Elliptical is all set up in the family room now. I haven’t used it yet except to test it after assembling it but my younger boy was on it a great deal last night. I am very excited about that. I have been gently pushing him to be more active and if this is the thing that does it then it is worth any effort.

I will use it quite a bit once the knee surgery is done. Low impact, minimal knee flex… It will work well for my rehabilitation. I like the idea of having the things in place and ready for my long winter. I know that it is a challenge to get off my rump and use the tools but I think I have learned to overcome my laziness and get in the work. Being able to do it in the warmth of and comfort of the house as opposed to last winter’s bundled-up walks at the track will be a nice change.

That my son and I will compete for time on the trainer is a bonus. I hope that I can help him develop a commitment to health and fitness. I came to it way late in my life and it is not something I want him to struggle with as I have struggled.

Getting him to eat better is an uphill fight. I will keep trying. First I need him to understand just how poor his diet is. Not easy.

The major difference between us is I have always liked a wide variety of foods. Switching to a vegetable intensive diet was not that difficult for me because I love vegetables. The Younger hates them. With a passion. His diet consists of junk, Junk and, of course, JUNK. Burgers, pizza, Mac and cheese… Well to be fair, he loves apples. Only Red Delicious Apples, but at least he enjoys them and they are replacing popcorn as his snack of choice. The challenge now is to keep them in stock in the house….

Time to rest

Sitting here and writing this has been a challenge. Little sleep last night.

I am off to rest on the sofa.


One thought on “Friday Malaise

  1. Sorry you feel badly. Many colds in schools here months before typical season. Any way you can create a new analytical project like graphing new recipes/veggies tried, poems memorized, or new bike rides mapped. Or maybe earn a new certification in nutrition or special ed? Redirect your powerful discipline and satisfaction gained in daily logging towards another healthy, key to family goal?

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