A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A Bunch of Barely Connected Themes on a Tuesday Night

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Foods I Don’t Eat

I had fish with dinner today and fish at lunch (two packets of tuna) and I had the usual assortment of veggies with dinner, and I had a bagel for breakfast because I overslept and didn’t have time for my normal bowl of cereal…..

Ok, you read this blog and you know what I do eat. What don’t I eat and why don’t I eat them?

Red Meat (Beef, Lamb, Pork, etc): I just believe fish and poultry and vegetables are better for me and red meats are a gateway food for me. I overeat it when I eat it and I tend to eat the “wrong” foods, fries and the like, when I do eat red meat.

Pizza (well, I did have two slices a month ago): another gateway food and another food I cannot control myself around. It was an effort of will to not have more than the two slices when I went out with PGB.

Chips: Any type. Potato, vegetable, corn, whatever. I will not touch them. Calorie density is the main reason. The amount of salt is another. Also a gateway food. I tend to eat all wrong when I allow myself chips. And I really cannot eat just one.

Eggs: Nothing wrong with eggs. Nutritious and delicious. Not very high in calories. I avoid them because I only really like them fried and fried is just not good.

Cake, Pie…: Why do you think? Nothing good to be had for me in cake and pies. High calories density. Gateway food. Food I can’t control myself once I start…

Doughnuts: Poison for me. I love them but there is simply no way to fit even one once in a while in to my life. Calorie density off the charts, addictive, laden with fat and sugar.. The very definition of bad for me.

Pastries: see cake, pie, doughnuts

The Continuing Slide Towards Vegetarian

It occurred to me as I sat down to dinner tonight that the tuna I had at lunch and the fish I was having for dinner were the first meats I had eaten in days. I had gone vegetarian, quite unintentionally for three days or so. Not really sure because I really wasn’t keeping track and it wasn’t something I had planned. Now I had eaten dairy over the course of those three days or so, but no meats. No poultry, no fish, not red meats….

We had some really good dinners. I made a TVP taco meal. Very good. We had a nice dinner of roasted sweet potato, squash, mixed greens and veggie patties for dinner two nights ago. Not sure what we had the night before but I know that it was a meatless meal.

The point here is that we are eating really well, truly enjoying our meals, and we simply don’t even notice that we have not had any meats. WE don’t plan it that way. It just happens.

While the fish tonight was quite tasty, I noticed that when it was gone (a four-ounce fillet goes quickly) I didn’t notice the lack of it in the meal. The sweet potato and the squash, the corn with sun-dried tomato and snap peas, were tasty and satisfying. I am finding that I simply do not miss the meats…..

Tomato sandwich. My Favorite

SO the slide towards vegetarian continues. Not based on any sort of animal rights, cruelty, all living things angle. You want to eat what you want to eat? Go ahead.

I am moving towards what I believe to be a healthier diet. That is why I am sliding this way. Given my family’s history, I figure this is a smart thing for me to do. When the Doctor told me my blood pressure is “perfect” I started to feel that I am doing the right things.

Don’t know how far this slide will go. I will let ya know….

One last hike

I am going to the Preserve this weekend if the rain holds off. I am taking the time for myself to be by myself and to walk a long walk in the woods. It is my last chance to get in a hike before the knee surgery on October 9th. The next weekend is family time. We are going on our annual apple picking trek. The weekend after that I will be resting the knee. Then rehabilitation and so forth. And the cold weather.

So this will be my last hike for a bit.

A view at the Preserve

I will take some pictures if I can. I will go as long as the knee allows and I will try to get in about 10-12 miles. Mostly I will spend the time relaxing and enjoying. Even if it rains a bit. I will find a quite spot under a rock ledge and get out of the rain while enjoying the sounds and sights and smell of the woods.

The woods are for me a refuge from the world around me. They are the place to find peace, quiet, calm, me. I have developed an affection for the Preserve. I wish I lived closer.

With all that is happening in my life, discovering who I am, losing the parts of me that were doing me harm, learning to be the me I am now, these solitary times in the woods are a brief time of sanity.


I used to think that I was not deserving of the bicycle I want. I was chubby but I was dreaming of this very nice bike. A bike better than my abilities. More bike than a fat man should ride. I would go in to bike shops and they would steer me to the beach cruisers. Didn’t blame them. I knew what I looked like.

Now I have the body and I have the ability (fitness) to “deserve” such a bike.

Well, winter is coming and I will spend the winter dreaming of these bikes.

I am so proud of myself for getting where I am.

Maybe come spring…..


One thought on “A Bunch of Barely Connected Themes on a Tuesday Night

  1. You are so right about gateways foods. Thanks for sharing your extremely inspiring story. i am only weeks into the fight to get fit and it’s great to see someone actually living it and, more importantly, succeeding. And you deserve that bike!

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