A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Updates and Realizations



The surgery went well, as expected, and I am now relaxing at home. There is some post-op pain, to be expected and I am following the instructions to the very letter to ease the discomfort and speed the healing.

I am excited that this is now behind me and I can start on the rehabilitation and get back to my full range of activities.

I will find out more about what is ahead tomorrow when I see the doctor and he examines the knee.

All in all I am very optimistic that I can be back on the bike and back to hiking soon.

Realization 1: I am in a Good Place

I can’t sit for long with my knee bent as it starts to ache so I will keep this post short.

I have come to the realization that I am in a good place in life right now. I am starting my new job in 12 days and I am past the surgery. I am feeling great, I love the changes in my body and my mind. The way I eat is nearly a habit now and I am finding maintaining the weight at 200 pounds is going well and not nearly the struggle I anticipated. I am ready now to start the push towards 195. Getting back on my feet and walking more and then hiking and riding will help with this.

I am looking forward to climbing the Delaware Water Gap again. I haven’t done it in 25 years and I have set this as a challenge for the late Autumn if the knee is ready. PGB: what do ya think?

Realization 2: It was MY Fault

So I was reading back to my blog posts around the time I hurt the knee and I came to realise that the knee injury was caused by my own neglect. In the two to three weeks before the injury I wrote at least three times about problems with the chain jumping and I didn’t take the time to get it properly diagnosed and repaired. If I had….

Lesson learned (I hope)….

So many times we look back and see that things would have been different if we had only….

With this in mind I am revisiting buying a bike (again). I know, I know….

Realization 3: This has been Everything I hoped it Would be

The Journey has been everything I hoped it would be. I have lost the weight, learned about myself, found greater focus in life, pulled together the courage to significantly change the direction I am traveling and, I think, have become along the way a better Me.

If I look at the maximum weight I carried, 318 pounds in 2008 as weighed at the Doctors office, I have lost nearly 120 pounds. That is a change that cannot not be overstated….

I have learned a new way to approach food. I have learned to eat better, eat less, eat “right”.

I have calmed down. I am far less prone to irritation than I was. I have found a more controlled and comfortable me deep inside. I go with the flow more than I did. I accept that people and situations will not always agree with me and I can accept it.

I still get the dark moods. The Black Dog still visits but I think the visits are shorter now. I also suffer less insomnia than in the past. Insomnia has been a problem for me since childhood. I rarely have a problem with it now.

I was miserable in my job. I made the decision to not suffer through it and I worked to find the right situation for me and for my family and I had the belief in myself to get it and to make a big change in our lives.

Good things are happening for me and they are happening because I started this Journey and I have taken to heart the lessons learned.

Off to rest the knee.


6 thoughts on “Updates and Realizations

  1. Elevation and rest are key to managing pain and quick recovery! Maintaining weight loss with reduced activity is tough! And you did it. Good times ahead!

  2. Good luck with the recovery!

  3. PGB thinks this is a great idea. Any time of year is good for hiking. There’s even a wonderfully paved trail (former railroad line) that runs through Slatington.

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