A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more



Physical Therapy

I started the physical therapy today and it went very well. My range of motion in the knee is “surprisingly good for just 4 days after the surgery” according to the PT guy. The pain has subsided nicely and I am feeling extremely optimistic that I will soon be on the bike again. I pedaled on the recumbent exercise cycle at PT for 18 minutes at 75-80 RPM with only soreness and some pain from the surgery. NO PAIN IN THE JOINT!!! I kept waiting for it but it didn’t come. That familiar sharp pain in the joint is GONE! Now it is time to build up the strength in the knee and improve the flexibility and I will be back to cycling!

I am also happy to report that despite a week of nearly total inactivity I am exactly the same weight as I was the day before the surgery.

I am feeling very upbeat today. I am thinking that I may be able to walk some easy trails soon. I will be able to get on the bike for some easy rides soon. This is all great!

Attacking the Obstacles

I am now nearly 10 months in to this Journey of mine. So many events, landmarks, milestones, accomplishments, have gone past.

As I sat on the recumbent exercise cycle and pedaled for 18 minutes, realizing that I was not breaking a sweat, not getting tired, not at all winded despite not riding in any meaningful way since June, I understood that I truly have changed in the way I attack life.

I didn’t allow the knee injury to stop me. I walked. I hiked. I found ways to stay on course with the fitness. I lost an additional 25 pounds after the knee injury. I kept the fitness level up despite not being able to cycle.

It would have been easy to fall in to the “poor me” trap and sat around and allowed the hard work to go for nothing. I didn’t. I got angry and I kept pushing. I went hiking and walking and I kept to the eating plan.

I hiked on days when the knee nearly made me cry. I walked eight miles when I wanted to stop at five. I did hills even though I knew that it would hurt. I did ten miles when I knew I wouldn’t sleep that night because of the throb in the knee…

When the knee made it obvious that I was not going to cycle the rest of the summer it would have been easy for me to find comfort in food. Instead I found a renewed sense of purpose in keeping to the plan and pushing the activity.

I don’t say this all to say LOOK AT ME, only to illustrate the fact that set-backs do not have to stop us. We can keep it going despite the detours.

I have changed. There is simply no doubt about this. Progress is now a part of my fiber. It is part of who I have become.

I will attack the PT with everything I have because it is another intersection on the Journey. It is another place for me to make a choice. Attack and push past the pain to get back to riding or take a passive role and allow what I have worked for to slip away.

I choose to attack.


2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. The black dog has been visiting… thanks for reminding me that I have to PUSH ahead. It’s so easy to be passive but we both know where that gets you.

  2. It’s great to hear about the success of your surgery. 🙂

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