A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

16.5 Miles back to Sanity


The ride back from the edge

Just before I left for my ride

The Physical Therapist said there was no reason he could see for me to not ride. I have been doing a half an hour on the stationary bike at PT the last three sessions without pain and at a good pace. No reason not to ride.

So today in the 60 degree clear brisk air I went for a ride. I will tell you this: I was nervous. I was so afraid the pain would return. I asked Missus to keep her phone handy incase she had to rescue me (again) I plotted a level course of about 17 miles or so, pumped up the tires, put on my cold weather gear and off I went.

I can remember exactly where on this very same course I felt the knee pain return when I tried to ride after the cortisone shots in August. I went past there with no pain at all. I remember exactly where on the ride the pain returned the weekend after I injured the knee. Went past that with no pain.

A break during the ride

I stopped at about the ten-mile mark and rested a little, enjoyed the scenery, waited for the knee to protest.. Nothing coming from the knee… So I rode on towards home.

I did 16.5 miles in all at a 15 miles per hour pace. Not much by way of hills as I said but it was a good ride on a windy day. I came home with a huge grin on my face.

I need to build back the endurance and I need to build back the leg strength. That will come with time. The muscles hurt, the joint feels fine and that is everything.

I can relax a little now. Cycling is back in my life. I am not ready for a 50 mile ride. I am certainly not ready to do a century or ride from High Point to Cape May. I am ready for 16-20 mile rides. I am ready to start building back to the long rides.

16.5 miles isn’t very far but it is a start on my road back. It is 16.5 miles back from the edge, 16.5 miles towards sanity.

Weight loss.

I reached a new low weight today. 198.6 pounds. One-Hundred and Seven pounds from where I started. Now with being able to ride again I hope to make the final push to 195.

I start my new job tomorrow and that will help me reach the weight goal as I expect to spend a great deal of time on my feet and walking around the plant. Don’t think that will not burn the calories… Won’t do much for cardio fitness but it will consume calories. I will also return to my usual eating pattern: Good breakfast, no or little lunch, a good dinner and a light snack. That will also help the weight come off.

195 is the final destination. Stay between 195 and 200. That is the ultimate goal.

My friends are telling me to stop… They are probably right. Much thinner will not be good for me. I am where I should be I think.

With the cold weather coming I will go back to walking the track. Easier to deal with the cold while walking then while riding. Frostbite is not out of the question while riding….

It felt so good to ride today.



3 thoughts on “16.5 Miles back to Sanity

  1. I knew you’d recover quickly. Way to go! Good luck with your new job.

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