A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more


Good Day Today, Good Days Ahead

It was a good day today.  I am starting to get the lay of the land at work, starting to understand the way the plant functions and my place in the operation.  Really enjoying the day, long and busy as it is.  I went in to work at about 5:30 this morning, left a little before 5:00 this evening.  The day went quickly and I think of that as a good sign.

I hardly ate at all today, a light breakfast, a black cherry yogurt and a trail mix bar for lunch.  Then I went to a Chinese/Japanese restaurant and had a salmon teriyaki bento box for dinner.  For a snack I will have another trail mix bar.  As you can see, I am figuring out how to eat responsibly and carefully and stay on the plan while traveling and living in a hotel.

I am anxious to have some homemade food when I get home tomorrow night.

To fill the time I am making use of the fitness equipment at the hotel.  I did a brisk 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer tonight.  I was thinking how 10 months ago trying to do that might have killed me.  Now it is a solid but not difficult workout.

Here is what I am thinking:  You can do it.  I did it.  I am not special, just determined.  YOU can do it.  I say that to myself all the time.  I am saying it to anyone who needs to hear it.  The hard part is committing to it.  Decide that life needs to change, that you need to change and you can do it.  Have a goal.  Commit to the goal.  Develop a plan.  Commit to the plan.  I have been telling myself this since December 27, 2011 and I have not stopped saying it.

If the last 10 months have told me anything it is that talking about it, writing about it, living it 24 hours a day is the way to do it.  Get friends involved.  Bore them silly talking about it, make it the central theme in what you do and you can make it happen.

I love who I am now.  I love being lean and fit.  I get a tremendous lift out of being able to do 20 minutes on the elliptical, ride a bike for 50 miles, spin on the stationary non-stop for 40 minutes.  I get a charge out of wearing a medium only ten months after wearing an extra-extra large. I even get a charge out of leaving the table satisfied, not full.

I love writing about the successes and even the failures and setbacks.  I guess losing weight and getting fit is my hobby and everything that goes in to that simply a part of the hobby.

The department I run is pretty far from my office.  400 feet or so I would guess.  I walk to the department many times throughout the day.  A year ago I would have dreaded it.  It doesn’t even register much with me now other than to calculate the steps in my mind and the benefit to my fitness level.

This weekend I am getting fit to my new bike.  I held back on purchasing it. I don’t really like to spend on myself.  But I came to realize that this is a very important part of who I am and who I want to be.  SO I did it.  I jumped in to the deep end of the pool and bought the bike.  A professional bike fitting is next.  Making sure everything adjustable on the bike is adjusted just right for me.  I am very excited about it.  I Just hope the weather doesn’t make life difficult…..

A good day all around.  A good weekend back with my family is ahead.



Where I failed Before

This is where I failed before.  Away from home, living in a hotel, eating in restaurants…  It is difficult to eat right in a strange area and not knowing the restaurants to go to and dealing with the boredom of sitting in a hotel room all evening.

I am working hard at the new job, long hours and staying away from the snack machines, eating light meals…. It is not easy to maintain.  Sitting in a hotel room at night, bored, lonely…  Tempted to fill the void with food but I won’t.

I did 20 minutes on the fitness machines yesterday, walked quite a bit in the factory today.  Ate a light breakfast, had a 140 calorie granola bar for lunch and a dinner of Chicken and vegetables.  It can be done; I just have to work hard at it.

No scale to weigh myself on.  Of course that brings the fear that I will gain weigh this week without the feedback of the scale.  My bet though is that I will lose weight because I am so focused on NOT over eating.

I am feeling good in general.  The knee is on the mend and I am very optimistic that soon it will feel nearly normal and the time off the bike will be a distant memory.

I positive for me right now is that the factory I now work in is huge and my department is as far from my office as it could be without be in the warehouse.  Just walking there from my office is a hike and a half and I go out there 5-6 times a day.  According to my FITBIT I have walked a little over 5 miles today and the majority of that was at work.  As my office is on the second floor I also managed to get in 9 flights of stairs today.  I did 10 minutes on the exercise bike and 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer last night but nothing today.  Just tired and ready for rest. I did go to a bike club meeting tonight and met a couple of the people there.  A pleasant way to spend the evening.

I have to say, I have not felt this good about the future in a long, long time.



16.5 Miles back to Sanity

The ride back from the edge

Just before I left for my ride

The Physical Therapist said there was no reason he could see for me to not ride. I have been doing a half an hour on the stationary bike at PT the last three sessions without pain and at a good pace. No reason not to ride.

So today in the 60 degree clear brisk air I went for a ride. I will tell you this: I was nervous. I was so afraid the pain would return. I asked Missus to keep her phone handy incase she had to rescue me (again) I plotted a level course of about 17 miles or so, pumped up the tires, put on my cold weather gear and off I went.

I can remember exactly where on this very same course I felt the knee pain return when I tried to ride after the cortisone shots in August. I went past there with no pain at all. I remember exactly where on the ride the pain returned the weekend after I injured the knee. Went past that with no pain.

A break during the ride

I stopped at about the ten-mile mark and rested a little, enjoyed the scenery, waited for the knee to protest.. Nothing coming from the knee… So I rode on towards home.

I did 16.5 miles in all at a 15 miles per hour pace. Not much by way of hills as I said but it was a good ride on a windy day. I came home with a huge grin on my face.

I need to build back the endurance and I need to build back the leg strength. That will come with time. The muscles hurt, the joint feels fine and that is everything.

I can relax a little now. Cycling is back in my life. I am not ready for a 50 mile ride. I am certainly not ready to do a century or ride from High Point to Cape May. I am ready for 16-20 mile rides. I am ready to start building back to the long rides.

16.5 miles isn’t very far but it is a start on my road back. It is 16.5 miles back from the edge, 16.5 miles towards sanity.

Weight loss.

I reached a new low weight today. 198.6 pounds. One-Hundred and Seven pounds from where I started. Now with being able to ride again I hope to make the final push to 195.

I start my new job tomorrow and that will help me reach the weight goal as I expect to spend a great deal of time on my feet and walking around the plant. Don’t think that will not burn the calories… Won’t do much for cardio fitness but it will consume calories. I will also return to my usual eating pattern: Good breakfast, no or little lunch, a good dinner and a light snack. That will also help the weight come off.

195 is the final destination. Stay between 195 and 200. That is the ultimate goal.

My friends are telling me to stop… They are probably right. Much thinner will not be good for me. I am where I should be I think.

With the cold weather coming I will go back to walking the track. Easier to deal with the cold while walking then while riding. Frostbite is not out of the question while riding….

It felt so good to ride today.