A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Two Pounds


My life is hectic these days. Working 96 miles from home, dealing with learning a new job, figuring out what to do about getting the family moved and selling this house…

None of this is easy and I am trying to rehab the knee and stay on plan and all that…

Gained a couple of pounds this week and I am not happy with myself over this. I am having trouble tracking my calories eating most of my meals in restaurants. I guess I over ate… Maybe it is retained water… Not happy with myself.

I have exercised every day. 50 minutes split between the elliptical trainer and the stationary bike. I am also busy at work walking the plant. Still, I am up a couple of pounds and this is scary for me. I have several months ahead of living in hotel rooms and eating restaurant food. If this continues It will be devastating to me. I have to find a way to track what I am eating better and to regulate myself better. I look at this as a a warning that I cannot slack off. This is a critical thing. I gained two pounds and it will stop here and now.

Even though it is cold out I plan to ride about 20 miles tomorrow. I have the cold weather riding clothes I need. I have to get out and get in one more ride before the bike is stored for the winter.

I will up my workouts to 90 minutes when I get back to the Hotel Monday night. 45 minutes on each piece of equipment. As I build up my stamina I will go up to two hours. I have nothing else to do at night so I may as well burn the calories and build the fitness. My company pays up to $150.00 a year per employee for gym membership. I have to look in to this. As my PT is winding down I need a replacement for that. I am finding that now that I am lean I like going to the gym. I don’t feel like the elephant in the room.

I am sticking with the plan in at least the respect of the type of foods I eat. Still no read meat… Mostly fish and some poultry. Big on the vegetables. I think I have to stop going to the Chinese restaurant. I suspect the food is higher in calories than I am recording. I base the calorie estimates on what I can find on the internet and I thinking I am underestimating the servings.

A simple fish and vegetable meal would work better for me… Have to research the restaurants a little better and find a place that serves lighter vegetarian fare… Two pounds. I am not happy…

The thing is I have to react aggressively to this. I gained a couple of pounds and that means I over ate. So I must attack the weight gain with increased activity and decreased consumption. I am going to buy a scale to keep in my hotel room so I can get back to weighing myself every day. Going 5 days without stepping on a scale is driving me crazy.

Tonight I had a good dinner of mixed vegetables, eight ounces of fish and some squash and rice. Good meal, well within my plan and I am where I need to be on calories for the day. A light snack later tonight and I will be right there.

Two pounds.

Not happy with myself.


5 thoughts on “Two Pounds

  1. Whenever I eat Chinese or Asian food I usually gain a couple of pounds. I’m convinced that the problem is water retention because of the high salt content in restaurant foods, especially Asian foods. Avoiding Chinese food for awhile is probably a good plan. In other restaurants you can ask the chef to eliminate the salt because of health concerns and then add a little bit at the table.

  2. Hang in there! :-). Don’t beat yourself up. Instead of focusing on yesterday’s mistakes, do exactly what you’ve done: make a solid plan for the future!

  3. Couple suggestions. Does your hotel room have refrig? Could you pack a couple meals at home to eat the first few days of the week or could you change to an extended stay that might have a kitchenette where you could cook some quick meals yourself? Would be a help in controlling what you eat. I greatly respect the journey you have taken. You plan so well and always look for growing opportunities. I’m sure you will find your way here too!

    • my current hotel room has a small fridge and a microwave oven.

      I am not going to cook in the room because I don’t have the whatnot that I need.

      SO I am watching my portion sizes extra closely…..

      Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it.

  4. Twelve step friends I have who have maintained over a hundred pound weight loss for decades say they allow for 3-5lb weight flux, it’s normal but takes getting used to.You are still settling in to the new you.

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