A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Thanksgiving Day


A Mile

I ran a mile today. Haven’t done that since High School. I ran a mile today. Didn’t stop. Started and finished. I ran a mile. Nine minutes and thirty-three seconds. The Olympic Team is out of the question. I ran a mile. I went to the school track and had at it. Ran carefully, paid attention to the knee. I ran a mile.

It is a start. It is far from where I was. I started this Journey with a couple of walking laps around the same track. Half a mile. Walking. I was beat. I remember my joy at making it a mile and a quarter. And now, eleven months in to my Journey, 6 weeks after knee surgery, I ran a mile.

There is nothing particularly noteworthy about this. I understand this. Millions of people in this country run 5K, 10K, and Marathons. Many regularly run 2 to 5 miles. I get that, I understand that. But I ran a mile today.

I am not built to be a runner. I was always the slowest kid on the block. Short legs relative to my height and slow twitch muscles… But I can cycle. In cycling, mechanical devices and the ability to turn higher gears due to silly strong legs gives me a mechanical advantage.

But today… 330 days in to the journey. I ran a mile and I am feeling really good about it.

Twenty Miles

I rode my bike this afternoon. The temperature hit the low 50’s and I suited up and went for a ride. I rode very strong. I rode 20 miles at a 16.4 miles per hour average and I climbed a hill that has had the better of me in the past. I ran a mile and I rode 20. I burned some serious calories today.

I was most happy that I did almost no coasting today. I pedaled nearly the entire way. I think the time on the treadmill, the elliptical and the stationary bike is paying off. I really felt good about my stamina. I wanted to do thirty miles today but cut it short at the day started to turn chillier and I was concerned about being on the road at dusk. Still, 20 miles is nothing to be upset about. This was only my third ride since the knee surgery and to ride that strongly and with no pain in the knee whatsoever was a great feeling. The unexpected benefit of having to rest the leg because of the knee injury was my calf muscles were able to heal from the torn muscle finally and so for the first time since 2010 I had no problems with either my calf or my knee.



My one day to get silly with food

Today is Thanksgiving in the States. A day of unfettered gluttony for many. It has been such for me in the past.

Unfortunately our guests for the holiday all had to call off. My Mother-in-law and sister-in-law because they are just now getting back to normal after the storm and our dear friends CRF and MOF because the hubby injured his back and simply cannot ride in a car for three hours due to the pain.

That left me, Missus, The Older and The Younger. The Older goes to sleep before dinner is served and The Younger wouldn’t eat turkey on a dare. To make a full Thanksgiving meal for just two of us to enjoy seemed a tad on the silly side. The Older went to bed, The younger held down the fort and had pizza and Missus and I went to the Asian Buffet down the highway.

They had a very reasonable sushi selection, lots of peel and eat shrimp, some hot fish dishes and pumpkin pie. Missus and I allowed ourselves to eat a little more than we would otherwise and I think it could reasonably be said we over did it a touch. Still, I think we stayed within shouting distance of the plan, avoided the sauce-laden dishes, stayed with fish and the like. We did indulge and have the pumpkin pie. They were quite small slices, most people were taking two. WE had one and some pineapple on the side.

I allowed myself this rare day of indulgence. I have much to be thankful for this year and knowing when to say yes and when to say no is a new discipline for which I am profoundly grateful. Tomorrow morning I plan to run my second mile and I plan to ride another 20 miles before our friend MR comes over. I am smoking a turkey tomorrow. I will send him home with leftovers, freeze much of the rest. I am making red cabbage with cinnamon apples (my own creation) and stuffing. No pumpkin pie, MR Doesn’t care for it, but I will make a chocolate cake and send most of that home with him as well.

Saturday I am hiking with MT and PGB. Packing in a lunch. Leftover turkey sandwich. Trail mix bars. Water.

So today I could be a little silly with food. Still, I stayed close to the plan. Burned the extra, made a conscious decision to go a little overboard. Knew when to say enough.

Pretty proud of myself on this one.

199 pounds even on the scale this morning. 330 days in to the Journey. I ran a mile. I cycled 20.


7 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day

  1. Woooooo hoooo on running and for enjoting one on one time!

  2. Glad to read that you could enjoy the no-panic zone caused by your sub-200 numbers! Happy Thanksgiving! (And it’s obvious that you’re treating it as a no-panic zone and not an anything-goes zone.)

  3. Omg. Congratulations!!! Hey I have been trying to run for a few years and I still cannot run under 10 minute miles! You had an awesome day !!!!!!

    • Thanks! I have to say I was surprised at how much one little mile took out of me given that I can pedal a bike for an hour or more without stopping. Different muscles I guess… Going to try it again today…..

      I am committed to building up to a 5-K run…… We well see…….

      • Absolutely different muscles! 🙂 Keep it up! I just did my first 5k (by itself) this summer. I’m working up to a 10k. Looking forward to being inspired? Come back and check out my blog after 7pm CST.

  4. Running is HARD! All of us who are now runners started by running short distances first (My first run when I started my triathlon journey lasted a half a mile, I think.) 9:33 is nothing to be ashamed of…I run my long, slow runs at 11-min/mile pace quite a lot of the time…and I still consider myself a runner! If you want a gentle, forgiving method to working up to that first 5K, 10K, half-marathon, whatever, I encourage you to look up Jeff Galloway’s run-walk method. It’s a little easier on the body!

  5. Glad you and the family had a great day together. Doing your own thing is fun.

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