A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more



Oh Oh.

My weight climbed slightly last week. I was up three pounds from the week before and that is not a good thing. I looked back at my activity last week. I knew that I had not been able to get to the fitness room as often as normal but I hadn’t realized that my calorie intake had climbed a small bit as well. Goes to show how quickly ground can be lost.

I reacted right away and this past weekend I was very good about my calories though less active than I wanted to be. Yesterday I not only kept the calories below 1800 but I also got in an hour+ on the treadmill and stationary bike. Today the three pounds were gone and I am feeling better about it all. It isn’t the gaining of the three pounds but the failure to act on that gain that is the dangerous thing.

I looked back at what I have been eating over the last couple of weeks and I found that I had fallen in to the low calories-large volume trap. I had fallen in to a habit of keeping trail mix bars in my desk. 140 calories each, all natural, organic, etc… Well if I eat five of them and still have the two tuna packets for lunch I am knocking down a nearly 1000 calorie lunch. But the mind set was that hey this is low calorie and all natural and…. So my calorie intake climbed to about 2700 a day and my activity level dropped and before I knew it… Three pounds.

I am pleased to say that I am able to respond to this and push it back off quickly. The 4 days after I realized the climb was real and not just what I call retained weight (what I have consumed still in the system) I acted and pulled the weight down with a mix of calorie restriction and activity. I am still working the plan, still working towards the goal. My weight is in the range I have set as acceptable for me: 195-200. I had bumped up to 202 and that is what caused the reaction.

And I have banished trail mix bars from my life.

I plan to be at 195 on December 27. That will be the anniversary of the start of the Journey. I think that there is a nice ring to 110.6 pounds off. That is what it will be on December 27 if I am 195.

Accepting the Unacceptable?

A very well meaning friend mentioned that I should probably accept that a few pounds would be gained because of my current living arrangement: Hotel life.

I understand and I know that the friend is for the most part correct. It is very difficult to eat right and keep a good plan in place while eating at restaurants or out of the microwave in the hotel room. Difficult, not impossible.

I have found that I can keep breakfast at or below my normal calories for breakfast by keeping a box of cereal and a container of milk in the room. I bought disposable bowls and spoons and I have a cup of cereal and a half a cup of milk with some dried apples or other dried fruit and I am at 250 calories for breakfast. Lunch I am back to the two packets of tuna for lunch with no snacking and I go to the local supermarket and have the vegetarian selections from their hot food bar. The store is fantastic. They list the ingredients and the calories per serving (as well as the serving size) for each item at the good bar. I can estimate the size of the serving I take fairly well and that is confirmed when it is weighed up at the checkout.

Last night is a good example. I had cauliflower with potato and peas in an Indian sauce, General Taos Tofu, a falafel and strawberries and pineapple. Grand total: 775 calories. Even if I am off by 20%, I am less than 1000 calories for the meal. This, combined with careful control through the rest of the day, had me at around 1600 calories for the day. Again, even a 20% miscalculation has me under 2000 calories for the day.

So I can stay where I need to be. It takes work and thought and planning but I am all about that.

If I work at this as I have been working at this I don’t have to accept the unacceptable.

Being Strict

Today will be an interesting day for me. Keeping to the plan will not be easy. We are having a farewell lunch for the Plant Manager, my boss, who is leaving the company after 12 years. He is very popular with the people here and many people have brought in homemade specialties for the lunch. I am sure temptations will be plenty. Already I am fighting with myself over rationalizations…. “I will eat a light dinner so I can enjoy now..” And so forth. I know that this will be a test. I will pass the test. I am committed to that. Even on a special occasion such as this I have to remember that there is little room for error in keeping on course and not drifting astray on the Journey.

Why am I so strict with myself? Because, last week I gained Three pounds and Three becomes Ten, becomes Twenty… So I am strict with myself.

I don’t know how else to do this. If I do not allow drift I will not have to correct for drift as I have had to do the last few days. The correction is hard. As good practices weaken it becomes easier to tell myself lies. I am as prone to the self-deception as anyone else that struggles with weight loss and keeping the weight off. There is a great deal of discipline needed to avoid the self-deception. That means being strict.

I am dedicated to this Journey. I am dedicated to the Journey lasting my life time. Being strict with myself, making sure I think about every morsel that I eat, making sure that I am dedicated to the fitness is how I will make that life time a long one.


5 thoughts on “Reacting

  1. M, you makeme laugh because you are using statistical control charts to maintain weight control just like jn plastics.

  2. It all makes perfect sense. When you’re at an okay weight, trail mix bars are fine. When you gain three unwanted pounds, trail mix bars are out (or some other adjustment must be made). And your meticulous monitoring keeps you on track. Makes perfect sense!

  3. Plan and prepare, plan and prepare. Food prep in advance has become my life and when that routine is thrown off my food gets weird. Being accountable to my food plan has kept me out of the holiday fare but it can be tough. Hotel life is a challenge but you are learning and aware of the pit falls and that keeps you out of denial, that dangerous slippery slope. You will meet your goal, no doubt.

  4. Do your trail mix bars contain sugar? Including dried fruit? Then personally, I would find an alternative. Kim*


    • there is a very small amount of dried fruits, there is no refined sugar and 6 grams of sugar total. All in all a good nutritional profile. The point isn’t the sugars, which don’t really concern me, but the total calories I was adding to my day by nibbling 4-5 of them a day.

      There are better foods for me to eat to be sure and I have not had one since Sunday… I am back to a light breakfast, very light lunch and a moderate dinner with a light snack mid evening. That is what got me here and I am back to doing what works for me. I will restrict the trail mix bars to my long hikes and bike rides.

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