A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Sunday Mornings

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I am doing well

Sunday morning as I write this, December 9, 2012. I am closing in on a year on this Journey of mine. Seventeen days to the one-year mark..

Stepped on the scale this morning and I am 198.8. I plan to be down another 4 pounds by the 27th of December. I just like the ring of 195….

I ate out three nights in a row starting this past Thursday with friends or family and that is a trip hazard for me. Socializing and eating are a dangerous mix. The mind wanders off and before you know it I have eaten everything on the table except the salt shaker.

Still I am down a half a pound since Wednesday.

I am getting better at ratcheting down my eating during the day when I know I will be eating out with others that night. I am also getting very good at selecting what to order. I had Indian food two nights in a row and I have been told to steer clear of Indian food because of the sauces. After poking around the internet for information, I found that those concerns are largely unfounded. The devil is in the details (as I often say) and I do watch what I order, sticking with vegetarian dishes and avoiding the fried foods. I also keep the amount of rice I eat in check. As with most any food it is the quantity, not the food itself, that is the concern for me

I decided last night to work my way to a vegetarian diet. Not Vegan mind you. Vegetarian. I will still eat dairy and the occasional egg but I am going to work fish and poultry out of my diet. I find I feel better when I have had mostly vegetarian fare through the course of a week and feel less well when I have had poultry and fish. I will give it a try and see where it takes me. To think I was once one of the great carnivores…. I may well drift back to fish and poultry over time, who knows. This is not a great philosophical thing, I have no great aversion to the killing of animals for food, or concern that raising animals for food is killing the earth or anything like that. I just feel better physically when I eat more vegetables and fruits and less meats…

The Journey continues…

The Body continues to change

As I continue to eat well, exercise more, convert fat stores to lean muscle, my body continues its metamorphosis from fat and flabby to lean. The skin continues to tighten and as it does my clothing sizes continue to change.

Though my weight has held steady in the 195 to 200 range for more than a month now(nearly two), my clothes are getting looser. The 34 waist pants are now loose on me and the large size shirts hang like tents.

I am not at all bothered by this. Just mentioning. I find it fascinating really.

And About That Two Months…

I crossed under 200 pounds to stay on October 15. I have averaged 199 since then. So I can say with some level of confidence that I am maintaining my weight. I want to push it down a little more, average closer to 195 through the winter months, but as long as I stay below 200 pounds I am satisfied that I am balancing my activity and my calorie intake effectively.

I have been worried since I approached my first goal of 210 pounds that I would not be able to transition well from loss to maintenance. I have also had to listen to people predict that this would be when I would start to fail on the Journey. So far I am doing as I hoped. I ramped up the calories a little to balance out the intake and burn and I have watched carefully as I went along. My weight bounced up to 202 and even hit 203 one day but I was able to throttle back the calories and ramp up the activity to balance it out. Every day is another day of adjustment.

With winter now starting to exert its downward pressure on my outdoor activities I have to remind myself that I started this Journey with long walks on cold and dreary days at the local track. I cannot allow the gray and depressing days to act as an excuse to get fat and lazy. Not happening. Today will be just such a day, gray and rainy and dreary. I think I will go for a nice long walk on the track.


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