A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Tuesday Night and I am home


Coming Home

I have been staying most of the work-day week at hotels near my new place of employment, coming home on weekends. This week We are trying something new. I am commuting the 184 miles a day round trip. The plan is to cut our costs a little and to give Missus a little support with our older boy. It makes for long days and yesterday was insane.

I drove to work in the morning (92 miles) drove home in the evening, getting home around 7:00 (92 miles), drove to Baltimore arriving at the hotel around midnight (220 miles). A 400+ mile day. The result of course is that I wasn’t home much at all last night to help with anything.

I am home tonight. Back to work in the AM. Back home tomorrow night….. It is going to be difficult to get in the exercise but I will make sure I continue to eat right…

Little things to Mention

I decided to start a FaceBook page for this blog. Not sure why or what I think it will do or become but I did it anyway….

If you are so inclined, please feel free to visit and like the page if you do….

I have many thoughts in my mind as I see the calendar tick down towards the first anniversary of my Journey. I am working on just exactly I will say in my blog post that day. I am almost nervous about it. As if I will awaken on the 27th and I will have gained it all back. Silly.

I just keep moving ideas around in my head. Thoughts forming and then fading… I am excited.

A year, almost a year…

Still working on getting to 195 pounds for the anniversary date…

Traveling and eating

I think I have an idea now just how difficult it is to eat properly while traveling. The food just isn’t out there if you only have time for a quick bite. I had a short business trip yesterday in to today. I ate my late snack on the road last night, breakfast at the hotel this morning, lunch at the cafeteria at the company I was visiting and a mid afternoon snack on the way home.

Not easy finding the foods I will eat…

The late snack last night was actually the easy one. I had apple slices, some grapes and a little bit of cheese. All prepackaged with the calories listed on the container… Not all that different a from what I would have had at home.

Breakfast was the typical breakfast included in the room rate that so many hotels now have. I had the waffle and some fruit. No syrup, no butter. Tasty. The fact is though that my options for a hot breakfast were limited to that waffle or some really sad-looking oatmeal. The eggs were served as omelets with the meats already blended in. There were some cold cereal options but mostly loaded with sugar. At least the waffle was good.

Lunch was the real challenge. Nothing hot available for me to eat. Fried Chicken, taco salad, and friend chicken sandwiches were the hot options. Cold sandwiches all had some form of meat. That left the fresh fruit cup (excellent) and the Yoplait yogurt (eh). I had a snack of bread and cheese on the way home that was very tasty and only after I had eaten it did I notice there was a market in the rest area food court that had fresh fruits and vegetables in travel packs…

None of the National fast food brands at the rest area had any appealing options. The fast food salads are nearly as bad for a person as the fast food burgers.

So I have much to learn on how to eat right and have a healthy fulfilling meal while on the road and in a hurry.

Seeing Me

Saw an old friend and coworker today for the first time in two or three years.

MK is a wonderful man. We worked together for two different companies and at the second we struck up a good friendship despite the generation gap. MK has retired at least twice and gone back to work out of the desire to stay mentally active. He served as something of a mentor to me and I have really enjoyed our friendship. We have stayed in touch as I moved to another company and he to another company and now he is one of my customers. The business trip was to visit this company where he is the director of the “Analytical Laboratory”.

Last he saw me I was still the size of a building.

One of the fun things it to see the look on the face of someone who is seeing you for the first time since you lost the weight. The GRIN on his face…

I have walked on a cloud all day since.

It is in these moments that I see me.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Night and I am home

  1. Cld you try hybrid? Commute Early Monday home Tues night, back Wed AM, home Fri? Only one extra roundtrip trip a week driving only 3 nights away vs 5?(Mon, Wed, Thurs)? Psyched for your Upcoming anniversary!

  2. Keep a cooler in the car – at this time of year to STOP things from freezing 🙂 Lots of fruit travels well, as do crackers of various whole grain varieties. (If you need coffee on the road, the stuff at McDonalds is quite good, and the apple slices there are really tasty…) The travel hours are long, but I envy those hours of solitude. Turn off the cell phone, pick up some books on CD…

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