A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more


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Working on the Adjustments

Early on in the Journey I recognized that I needed to establish a routine. Eat breakfast everyday at about the same time. Eat a light snack every day about the same time. Eat dinner at about the same time…. You get the picture.

My routine has been blown apart with the new job, the long hours, the long commute, the time in hotels…. As I am now commuting the 92+ miles each way every day I am getting up at 3:30 in the morning and walking the dogs (who seem to have no clue that it is the middle of the night) and eating breakfast before leaving for work a little after 4:00 each morning. This means I am eating breakfast 2 hours earlier than my established routine. This means I am getting hungry (and hungrier) earlier than I am accustomed to.

This is a problem.

Yesterday was tough. I was so hungry by noon that I had lunch, a big lunch. Well, big when compared to my habits… I went to the Chinese restaurant around the corner from the factory and picked up tofu and vegetable soup and bean curd in black bean sauce with rice. I didn’t eat all of it but I ate most and at the end of it I had an 800 calorie (or so) lunch. Very big for me. I had a light dinner of homemade vegetable miso soup made with Kale and spinach and sun-dried tomato. That kept the calorie count within reason for the day, right around 2,000.

So I have to adjust.

Adjusting has not been a strong suit of mine when I have worked to lose weight in the past. Disruptions to my schedule have resulted in me reverting to old and bad habits of eating everything not nailed down.

Not this time. This time I understand the problem, I recognize the risks, and I know I can adjust.

I am not sure how yet. I am watching myself very carefully, making sure I keep the calories down, fighting past the hunger and making sure I eat right. Yesterday’s lunch is a good example. Yes I ate a larger than normal lunch but I made sure I ate vegetarian, stayed away from the fried foods, had soup along with the meal to fill me up and I ate only half the rice.

I still was angry with myself afterwards, feeling that I should have eaten even lighter so I adjusted with dinner, having a vegetarian soup to keep the total for the day at target.

The issue is that I gave in to the temptation to eat a large lunch, even if I did manage to keep it on plan.

This morning I had cereal. I will watch myself carefully today and see how I am feeling around noon. Eight hours between breakfast and lunch is a long span. I need to understand how I will react to that if I don’t have a snack in between or if I have the snack and skip lunch or….

I have to work on the adjustments.

Joining a Gym

I am a membership gym owners dream come true. I am one of that people who with all good intentions join a gym, signs a year-long contract and then stops going after a month. All the income, none of the out-go….

That was then (I keep telling myself)…. I am looking at gyms now. I need it for the winter and to keep up the work on my knee to make sure that I keep the fitness level up through the winter months.

I expect to spend many evenings alone here over the next 6 months and while staying at hotels I have been very good about using the fitness centers. Now that I am looking to move to an apartment or a room in a house somewhere, I will not have the fitness center available to me.

So a gym seems to be the right idea. The question is: where and how much.

My company reimburses $150.00 towards a gym membership. For most gyms that is barely a beginning…

Research is called for. I will let you know where I end up.

So Far the Hardest Part…

There is no doubt that losing is easier than maintaining. Emotionally that is. After months of weight loss, sometimes dramatic loss, I am now maintaining. Up a pound, down a pound, stay between 195 and 200. When losing the weight I was getting a nearly daily emotional boost. There is a great feeling that washes over you as you see each landmark come and go on the scale. 300, 290, 280…. Now I see 197, 198, 199, 197, 198, 197…. And this is good, just not as fulfilling, not as energizing.

So this is the hardest part so far. Maintain. Stability. It is nerve-wracking. I go up a couple and get concerned. Not panicked, I haven’t hit that point yet, but I get concerned. Then it drops a couple of pounds and I am satisfied and I relax. Then I get concerned that I am relaxing and… well you get the point. This maintenance thing is an emotional whirlwind.

I fear complacency. The notion that I am at the right weight and I can relax… Sounds like an invitation to slippage, weight gain, failure…

So far I am doing OK.


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