A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A Raw, Wet, Gray, Dreary, Wonderful Day.

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A Day in NYC

The weather here is depressingly bad. A cold drizzle, windy and raw. The sort of day that is made for a good book, hot tea and a fireplace.

Not having the fireplace….


The Younger as we wait to board the PATH

The Younger and I spent the day at the American Museum of Natural History today. We drove to Jersey City, met up with a friend, and took the PATH train in to lower Manhattan. Then it was on the C train uptown to 81st Street and the Museum.

We spent the better part of four hours wandering the Museum. What a joyful time. It was a pleasure to spend the time with my son and friend and take in the exhibits. I walked up and down corridors, stairways, ramps and aisles. The displays have not changed much since I was last  there some thirteen years ago but I always enjoy them.

When we headed home I decided to run UP the stairs from the train platform to the street. I am told by a reliable source that it is 128 stairs.


It was fun and felt great.

An Active Day

Along with the trip to NYC, I also walked three and a half miles to and from and at the track today. I also did 20 bleacher-sets, 10 of them running. I would have done more but it started to rain and I had a half mile walk back home.

Not sure what got in to me today but I am glad it did. I was starting to fight myself a bit to stay active and today I just wanted to walk and run and do the stairs and get out and get it going.

All told today I have burned 2712 calories, walked 15536 Steps, 8.72 miles and climbed 56 flights of stairs (or their equivalent). A good and active day. I also have had a vegetarian day and managed to keep my calories consumption well under 2000 for the day. All good as I am working to get to 195 in the next ten days.

I feel so GOOD when I am this active. I still fight the tendency towards inactivity that has marked most of my adult life but I am doing better and I am not going to fall in to the traps that will result in weight gain. Much winter hiking is in my future. I won’t de riding so I will walk and hike instead. Good plan right?

I want a day like today be to not so exceptional. I want it to be the norm.


I have been on this Journey for nearly a year. December 27th is coming. Christmas Eve, the day I saw my reflection in the floor to ceiling windows of my friend’s home and realized just how fat I was, is right around the corner.

I have decided that I will take a hike on December 24 to mark that day. Rain or shine or snow and sleet. I may only do a couple of miles or if the weather really conspires, I may do only a ceremonial lap at the school. I will get out and do some walking no matter what.

The 27th, the Anniversary of the Journey, I will work. I have a normal day scheduled and I will work. I will not mark it with a special meal or anything else really. I will just work. Perhaps after work I will find someplace near work to go for a walk. A mile or so to mark the occasion. I know I will post that day. I am working on the post already. There are so many things going through my mind and I want to say them just so.


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