A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

The True Start


The True Start of the Journey

At YuYan Garden, Shanghai China, May/June 2011

At YuYan Garden, Shanghai China, May/June 2011

It was really December 24th. I always refer to December 27 because that was the day I started the changes in my behaviors that had resulted in the fat me. It was December 24th, one year ago tomorrow, when I saw my reflection in the floor-to-ceiling windows of my friend’s home.

I have told this story before on this blog so I will keep it short here. I was standing holding a plate of food, piled high with pasta and seafood and who-knows-what. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a HUGE man standing across from me. My first thought was “DAMN HE’S BIG”. My second thought, as I turned my head to look at him, was “That’s ME”.

For the first time I saw myself as I looked to others without the excuse of it being a camera angle. I was confronted with the startling reality that I was not a “big man”. I was a FAT MAN.

Something about that moment of realization, that burst of stark reality, brought me to my senses. It took a couple of days to really take hold but it was the true start of the Journey. It was the moment when I realized not only that I had to make the Journey but that I had a Journey to make.

Getting better

I have been down with the flu the last several days and that is why I have not been posting much more than a paragraph or so here and there. I am on the mend but not yet well. Last night I finally had a good night sleep and awoke feeling almost well. A hot shower, a shave… So far so good.

To all those who posted well wishes, thank you.

Weighty Subjects

I stated a goal a little bit ago of being at 195 by the anniversary date. DONE. I am at 194.4. I can confidently say I have not weighed this little since my late teens. Pretty sure I crossed the 200 pound mark around the age of 20. I haven’t been under 195 since that I am sure.

The most important thing now is to stay here. I have long said that my goal is to stay between 195 and 200 and I have been doing that. If I go any lower than this I want it to be because my fitness has taken me there rather than eating less in and of itself. As a cyclist the goal is lean muscle mass with as low a fat percentage as I can get to and stay healthy. The less fat you are hauling up a mountain the better.

The weight loss is a great thing. The improved fitness is even better.


I am working on my activities plans for the coming year. Bike Rides: Hub Ride in Boston, Five-Boro ride in New York City, Ride For Autism in New Jersey, North Fork Century in New York.. Other rides I don’t even know about yet… I would like to do the Ramapo Rally next year but I had so much fun volunteering I may just volunteer again next year.

I want to do some overnight hikes but it doesn’t look promising for doing the Hut Hike in New Hampshire with my friends in September. I am still trying to plan that out but being the low person in seniority in my offices the vacation time doesn’t look like it will be available…

I want to do a 5-K run. I have run a mile. Practice-practice… 3.1 miles isn’t that far away….

My big plan is unchanged: High Point to Cape May. 240 miles (give or take a few). I nice three-day ride. KR is committed to it. I would like at least one more rider to go with us. But the two of us can do it….

The most important plan is to stay healthy and fit, between 190 and 200 pounds, get off the BP meds and maintain the lifestyle I have developed over the last year.


5 thoughts on “The True Start

  1. Congratulations! You have put in a lot of work towards this goal. Glad you feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful holiday with the family!

  2. …and this is why you might not drop much below 195. You might stop losing weight because—even though you’re losing fat—you’re adding muscle.

  3. Congrats Markl!!!! Wow! very impressive:)

  4. Congratulations, again! Enjoy your time off with the family.

  5. So proud to hear your story, and how very motivating indeed! Keep up the good work–and please keep us posted! The journey is never truly over. . .

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