A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Life Can be Interesting

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Working Hard

I am working hard. Physically hard. I am back to working as an electrician for the first time in many years. Up and down a ladder all day today, lifting 1 ½ inch pipe in to place. 15 feet off the ground, stretching, bending, pulling, pushing, carrying…

I could not have done this a year ago. No way at all. After climbing the ladder at least 40 times today I am not tired in the legs at all. The shoulders hurt because they are no accustomed to working this way after all these years of NOT working this way… I am so glad that I decided to take care of myself and get fit again.

Life would be hell right now if I had not done all this.

This is another reason to do it: it opens up possibilities.

No one said that grains couldn't be delicious...

No one said that grains couldn’t be delicious…

When my new job up and died on me, I had the option of going back to the physically demanding job I left 25 years ago. If I was still in the condition I was a little more than a year ago it would not have been a real option. I may have tried it but I would have failed. Up and down a ladder all day when walking up the stairs to the bedroom tired me out? I think not….

Weekend Plans

The weather is projected to be spring like this weekend with temperatures in the mid-50’s and sunny. I plan to get out and ride and hike. I need to contact my friend PGB and ask him if he would like to hike on Saturday or Sunday. Sunday is expected to be the warmer day but Saturday promises sunshine. Either day works for me to ride… I should see if KG or SA want to ride Sunday..

Other than that I want to sleep late. I may call the physical therapy place and make an appointment. I haven’t gone in weeks due to my crazy schedule and the holidays.. Time to get back to it.

I need a haircut…

I love weekends. So many possibilities..

When is it too much

I am thinking about pushing my weight down to 190. That is the very top of the “official” weight range for a man of my height and age. I am in the 197-198 range right now and I really feel great. I am not having much trouble maintaining the weight and keeping it below 200. I feel good about the way I am eating, enjoying the selection of foods. I have learned how to go to restaurants and control the urges to gorge on bread and such… I feel really good about where I am…

So when is it an area of concern that I still want to push my weight down. I am not thin. Truly I am not. At between 195 and 200 I am not thin. I am solid. I am lean. I am not thin. So then the question comes in: when Do I cross from lean to thin and am I really over thinking this all? At 190 I would be only 7-8 pounds less than I am now, I would be at the top of the normal range, I would have that much less to push up a hill….

But when does this cross from a solid concern and plan to an unhealthy obsession?

I really don’t think I am there yet and I think I am still a good distance away from that.

Here is how I view it right now: I lost the weight I HAD to lose. Then I lost the weight I should lose. Now I am looking at the weight it would be good to lose…

Or am I just rationalizing…

The drift to Vegetarian

With the exception of fish (mostly in the form of sashimi or sushi) I have drifted in to the vegetarian diet. I have not had poultry now in several weeks. I make the critical point here: vegetarian, not vegan. I have dairy and I will have eggs as an ingredient. I just have drifted to vegetarian as I have concentrated on improving my health and I have to say that I feel so good now.

I don’t know if the way I feel is because of the diet change or not. I eat mostly vegetables and fruits, some grains, some fish… I just know that I do feel good and the BP is excellent, the heart rate is very good, the cardio-fitness is very good. Exercise and the weight loss certainly must account for most of this but the I have to believe that the change in what, not just how much, has a significant part in the improvement as well.

The thing I had not known about was the cluelessness of some people when I ask for vegetarian options on the menu. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told “we have chicken”, or I have had to explain to the them that pork is meat…

Strange, right?

In any case, the drift continues and is actually picking up speed.

Lunch yesterday was an orange and Tabbouleh salad… This is not atypical. A year ago it would have been….

Then dinner was a sauté of Swiss chard, bok-choy, onions and peppers with ginger with brown rice. Acorn squash and beets on the side.

Notice anything missing? Yeah, the fish, poultry or red meat. I don’t miss it at all.

Drifting, drifting…


One thought on “Life Can be Interesting

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pescetarianism

    The electrician thing is great!! work will also give you extra free exercise. But be careful on those ladders…

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