A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Winter Doldrums


I Hate Gray

This weekend was expected to be warm for this time of year in the Northeast. Mid-fifties we were promised. Didn’t happen. Instead we dealt with high forties with damp, raw air. This morning is foggy and dull with a bone chill quality.

Riding yesterday did not happen. I did get the bike ready and I waited for the 50 degrees we were promised but it never happened.

I hope to hike this afternoon. I don’t mind hiking in this weather near as much as I dislike riding in this weather. Despite having all the cold weather riding gear I cannot get comfortable on the bike at anything below 50. Not sure why but that is the case. I can’t keep my feet and hands warm enough no matter what gloves of boots I have tried.

I hate gray weather. COME ON SPRING!!!

I will walk today

Where I plan to walk today

Where I plan to walk today

No matter what I will walk today. I want to go to the Rockefeller preserve today but if I don’t I will go to the local track and walk a few miles with the iPod playing in my ears. It was weather like this when I started this journey and it was the walking at the track that placed the first stones in the foundation of my current level of fitness.

The deal is that I have to get past the same issues I had then: walking on gray and dreary days. Getting off my rump and getting out there. The risk is complacency, now as it was then. The only difference is the side of the coin I look at. Then it was battling accepting that I was fat and out of shape and thinking that I would stay that way. Now it is the complacency that comes with having lost the weight and built the fitness and thinking I can stay that way even if I just sit on my rump all weekend.

I will walk today. I am not going to slide back..

Drifting on the Calories

I noticed a drift upwards on my calorie intake this week. I have gone up about 200 calories per day for the week. Not good. Not good at all. I am holding steady on the weight but it is a matter of time before the weight climbs if I do not get back to the 2000 calories per day.. Why did it drift? Carelessness on my part. Giving in to the snack temptation. Noting “BAD” but calories is calories. Getting my head right so that I get back to where I belong starts right now. Light breakfast, light lunch, right sized dinner, light snack. That is the plan. Keep the weight off is the goal.

Weight loss is hard. Keeping weight off is hard. There never was and there never will be anything easy about any of this. Looking in the mirror and seeing the lean man I am now and remembering the fat man I was… Not easy when I step on the scale and see three more pounds than I had two weeks ago… Three pounds is so little. I will not allow it to become four. I am holding steady, still in my range of 195-200 but I do not like the trend one bit. ACT NOW.

No Excuses

Reading a blogging friends post this morning reminded me of a few points that helped me get where I am and will help me stay in my “right” range.

No excuses, no cheat-days, no deviating from the plan. That is how I got here and it is how I will stay here.

To be clear: this is just me. It is not advice. I am not saying that you or anyone else cannot lose weight having cheat days or whatever. I am just saying this is what got me here. I spent a year now deviating from the plan. I think in that year I may have gone over 2000 calories a half a dozen times. I had two pieces of cake in a year. I had two slices of pizza. I had no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches… Avoiding the foods that trip me up and not indulging… That is what got me here.

Yes, I can open it up a little now but very little. I am not having the foods that trip me. I am not going much past 2000 calories. I am not having cheat days…

I will not accept of myself any risk of failure. I have to stay on the plan. That is what has worked for me. I will not use birthdays, holidays, long days, short days, happy days, sad days, rainy days or sunny days as excuses to indulge. I will not step out on to that slippery slope.

This is how I MUST live. I have failed before because I used excuses to indulge. Today. Then again tomorrow. Soon it was every day. Soon I was over 300 pounds again.

No Excuses.

Thank you L for reminding me….

More Plans

If all goes well, May will be a really busy riding month for me. The 5-Boro bike tour in New York City, a weekend of riding in Montreal, and rides in between. June will be busy as well. Montreal really spans in to June and then there is the Revolutionary Ramble in New Jersey, and the Autism Ride as well. Somewhere in the summer is the Multiple Sclerosis Ride in South Jersey. By the end of the summer I want to have ridden my first two Century rides and the High Point to Cape May ride.

I also want to have run my first 5-K and maybe even a 10-K. Keep in mind: running has never been my thing. I want to do It just to show myself that I can..

I want to ride 3500 miles this year. Not sure how I will get that many miles in but I am setting it as my goal. I have no miles in this year. I need to get out there.

Planning. It is what I do. I set goals and develop plans to achieve them.

I will do a lot of club rides this year. That is one way to make the miles. A Saturday and a Sunday ride with members of the club will get me there…

If I can ride 20 miles or so a couple of nights a week….


Years ago a friend told me she had gone vegetarian. She ate eggs and dairy, fish occasionally and every so often she had chicken. She was a ovo-lacto-pollo-pesce vegetarian…

Yeah, well….

A typical meal.....

A typical meal…..

I am not claiming to be a vegetarian. I eat dairy, eggs if they are used as an ingredient, fish and once in a rare while I have poultry.

I am still trying to find a way to ease in to vegetarian. I think where I will end up is still eating fish but not any other meats. I am told that this is called a pescetarian. I am OK with that…

The main point is that I feel really good and I do not miss the red meats at all. I enjoy the largely vegetarian diet though it makes it difficult to grab a quick bite when I am out on the road. I am appalled at what some restaurants call healthy food. Vegetables deep-fried, covered in cheese sauces…

Asked a waitress if the restaurant had any vegetarian dishes and she pointed to the seafood column…



I used to dream that the weight would magically come off. I would continue to live exactly as I was but the weight would slowly fade away and I would find myself transformed in to a lean and fit man without having to work at it at all. I would simply roll back the clock to when I was 18. Magic doesn’t happen. Dreams require work to come true.

It is true. You can begin to lose the weight when you are ready to lose the weight. I had to be ready. I had to reach the point when I was ready for the work. I was going to say sacrifice but I realize now that I was sacrificing before I lost the weight. I was sacrificing my health so I could eat like a hog at the trough.

It is work to make dreams come true but I don’t think of it as a sacrifice any longer. Now I realize that the sacrifice had already been made. If anything, I was no longer willing to sacrifice.

I am living this dream now because I gave up sacrificing my future.

Dreams… Wonderful when you make them come true.


5 thoughts on “Winter Doldrums

  1. Dreams only become real when you INVITE them in to stay.

  2. Talk about cold…it was a high of 14 yesterday and 2 right now. I still haven’t figured out how one stays warm and active outside. lol

  3. Just thought you should know that when you click on ‘post this morning’ an add for a hand held diet device pops up. I’m assuming you’re talking about the blog ‘Trying not to be Fat’ and her post on Real Dieting Tips. It was excellent by the way and I’m now following her.

  4. You’re welcome 😉 We all need reminders now and again. Even myself. I need to exercise much more than I have been. It’s difficult to keep going on the same intensity level.

    You’ll be more active once it gets warmer. So will I. I don’t like the cold and gloomy. I went for a long walk yesterday but it was cold and icy. It’s not something I’d like to do every day.

    We’re animals meant to hibernate! As long as we’re not sleeping all day I think we’ll be okay.

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