A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Thoughts on a Tuesday Afternoon


A Day in the Life

When I was driving 90+ miles to work each day it was difficult for me to stay on the plan. Eating breakfast at 4:00 AM and then waiting until noon for lunch was difficult and so I spent too much time talking myself out of eating…

Now I am driving 10 miles to work, eating breakfast at 7:00 AM, eating a very light lunch and then a nice dinner. It gets much easier to stay close to the plan.

Today was a typical day for me in terms of food: Kashi Go-Lean Crunch and a banana for breakfast, a light lunch of fruit and dinner was a piece of fish, kale and mushrooms and butternut squash with some brown rice.

It is all about food right? It is all we think about when trying to lose weight or maintain weight loss. Food. Always food. Calories in, calories out, and what did I eat….

It is also about focus. I got to my peak weight by constantly eating and eating the wrong foods and not thinking about it. The only time I really thought about food was when I was cooking or when I was ordering at a restaurant. Otherwise it was all mindless…

So my day now is about work and thinking about what and when I will eat and making sure I think it all through and count it all.

That is a day in my life.

Loving to cook

I love to cook. It has been one of my favorite hobbies for so long… Tonight I made a dish of kale, mushrooms and corn, sautéed and then steamed. Made it up as I went along. Tilapia topped with tomatoes and horseradish mustard baked in the oven and roasted butternut squash. This is fun. Finding new ways to treat foods each day, keeping the menu varied. WE eat so many different foods than we did 14 months ago. It doesn’t get boring. We are still discovering new vegetable. Mustard greens and Swiss Chard are two new favorites.

All of this rekindles my love of cooking each day. It is not a chore to go to the kitchen and start working on a meal even after a long day at work.

I am looking to all of you for suggestions of new vegetables to try and any recipes…….

Enjoying Getting Tired

I hated doing any physical work. A year plus ago I hated it. I got tired so easily. I hated walking, forget about running. I wanted to ride my bike but the belly was in the way and I got so tired just doing a five mile ride.

I didn’t do anything around the house. I simply was to exhausted all the time. Mowing the lawn was a hated chore.

Things change.

When I ride or hike now I want to get tired. I am disappointed if the hike does not wear me out, if the ride leaves me still feeling fresh. I feel I have not pushed myself if I can finish a 5 mile hike or a 30 mile ride and not feel worn down a bit.

I am enjoying the workouts now. I want to be out of breath, I want to be wearied. The fact is that it takes much more to wear me down then it did 14 months ago. It is now a challenge to push myself to exhaustion and I feel I have accomplished something if I manage to do so.

I am enjoying the act of getting tired.


COME ON SPRING (or at least spring like weather)

I need to ride. It is driving me crazy to not ride. I thought this past weekend would give me the opportunity and I had the bike out and ready to go but the weather stayed raw and chill and I didn’t ride. I did hike and that was wonderful. Walking in the woods is like spending time with a dear friend. I allow the woods to do the talking as I walk along with only the occasional response. I can hike even in the chill and I enjoy it nearly as much but it is not the same as riding.

If the weather will get to the mid fifties I can ride. I have all the cold weather gear (as I have mentioned) and I can ride in colder weather but it is from fifty degrees on up that riding becomes fun for me.

I am looking to do a couple of short over-night hikes. Something along the Appalachian Trail… Spring holds that promise.

Here in the gray of winter it is hard to get enthused about much outdoors but I do enjoy cross-country skiing (if only the snow would stick around) and I can (as mentioned) hike.

I wouldn’t call this cabin fever but it is close.


By the way: I have not had a visit from the Black Dog in weeks.  This is a good thing


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Tuesday Afternoon

  1. It really is all about food.

    I’ve noticed how much my eating has changed over these months. I find there are some things I don’t even eat anymore, and don’t even notice them missing. More veggies, less bread, less red meat. It’s amazing.

  2. I’d like to know how you prepare Swiss Chard and Mustard greens myself.

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