A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Things on a Monday Night


Food Shopping

Food shopping has changed so much for us. Where once meats were the bulk of the groceries now they make up the barest percentage of our purchases. Once we would not buy vegetables and fruit at the warehouse club because we wouldn’t use it up before it started to go bad. Now we by a high percentage of our fruits and vegetables at the warehouse club and never throw any away.

What impresses me is the fact that this has all become natural for us. We do not have to resist the temptations when passing the beef and pork. We have to remind ourselves to buy some ground beef or some sausage for the boys. They don’t quite share our diet yet.

Walking around the Stop & Shop tonight, walking past the tubs of chocolate chip cookies that were once part of our weekly buy and not picking them up, not even thinking about it, not having to talk myself out of it tells me that a very real change in our diet has happened.

We spend more time selecting the vegetables and choosing among the varieties of rice than we do on any other part of the shopping. It is a great thing.

Tonight we bought some fish for dinner tomorrow, we bought more kale, more string beans, frozen fruits, some rice. We bought no-fat Greek yogurt, some all-natural whole grain cereals. This is how we shop.

Yesterday we went to the farmers market and bought peppers, greens, fruits…..

It has changed so in just a year. Truly reflecting the changes we have made.

A SLIGHT area of Concern

The last several days my weight climbed three pounds and I was really concerned and confused by this. I checked and rechecked my calories consumption and my calorie burn and I should have held steady or perhaps lost a slight amount but instead it went up. I knew something was going on because my ring became tight on my finger and it has been close to falling off again after being reduced by two sizes just a few months ago.

To gain the weight that fast had to be water retention I figured so I started to look at what might have changed in the last week that would make me gain weight like this. I found it: penicillin. My Dentist prescribed penicillin for me and I found that a side effect of penicillin is water retention. I feel better now.

But it got my attention.

GetFit Challenge

The GetFit Challenge started today and I dutifully logged in my fitness minutes. I got in 45 minutes of extra walking today at a moderate pace. I am expected to do 150 minutes for the week so I am well on my way. With the good weather expected the next two days I am expecting myself to hit the 150 minutes sometime on Wednesday, maybe Thursday night as I am going to dinner with friends on Wednesday.

Very excited about this challenge. I love having something pushing me like this. Working as part of a team (where I only know one member) is a great motivator. Never want to be the person that let the team down. I Kind of wish that the Challenge started yesterday as I got in a 7.5 mile hike at a brisk pace and it would have really gone a long way towards hitting this week’s goal. Well there is always next weekend’s hike! Perhaps PGB will be available….

Tonight’s Dinner

Well, the streak of vegan dinners came to an end tonight as we had some fish with dinner. Just felt like having some Swai.

Otherwise the dinner was veggie heaven. A slice of Kabocha Squash, broccoli, red pepper and onion with curry, Basmati brown rice and the Swai with salsa and horseradish mustard. Oh, and half a sweet potato.

The interesting thing is that none of this is particularly demanding to make either in skill or time. I put the broccoli, pepper and onion together in 5 minutes with another ten to cook. The Kabocha and the sweet potato roast in the oven for about half an hour or so. The rice cooks during that same time. The Swai goes in the oven at the same time I start cooking the veggies and is done about the same time. Very quick and very easy.

I mention this because a friend once told me he doesn’t eat the way I do because he don’t have time to cook the food. He makes a steak or roasts some chicken and boils up some pasta…. My contention is that it takes about the same time to eat healthy as it does to make the meal my friend mentioned. If life is so busy that you can’t squeeze another 5 minutes to prepare a healthier meal then perhaps you need to reorder your life a little?


2 thoughts on “Things on a Monday Night

  1. i like how you made it “same amount of time to eat healthy” as i often here folks say the don’t have time.
    today i was renewing my license and she looked at my old pic and said “you’ve lost some weight!” as my new pic had a much slimmer face! i am thrill when people see the difference.

    • I had the same situation when I renewed my license a few months ago. The change was dramatic from 4 years ago to now. The lady looked at it several times to be sure it was me! Fortunately I had all the proper documents…… 🙂

      It certainly feeds the motivation engine to have people notice!

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