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A day of Nothingness

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I did nothing today

I didn’t go to work because I had root canal scheduled for today. When that was done all I did was sit in front of the computer or watch TV or putter around the kitchen.

I didn’t snack at least….

I also didn’t exercise or…

Lazy day. I don’t like it. It can become habit-forming… And it is a bad habit.

Dinner with Friends at a Vegetarian Restaurant

I have mentioned before that I have a group of friends that I get together with from time to time for dinner. Last night was one of those times. I proposed that we go to a Vegetarian restaurant in a nearby town. The restaurant specializes in Asian cuisine. I was very pleased when the group readily accepted the idea and we met at the scheduled time. I had General Tso’s Crispy tofu and is was delicious but not quite as spicy as I would like it. The others gathered had a variety of dishes that were well received. Having restricted my calories all day so I could really enjoy the dinner without remorse, I ordered the Vegan Chocolate Cake. It was tasty but really suffered from the lack of eggs and milk in the recipe. The texture was dry and firm. Tasty as I said but…

It really made me happy that my friends were willing to go out on the culinary limb and try the vegetarian restaurant. I am not strictly a vegetarian, though I am leaning that way, and I could find something to eat almost anywhere but the selection of a vegetarian restaurant makes it easier for me and for that I am grateful.

The group has been overwhelmingly supportive of me on my Journey. PB and MT have gone on hikes with me, MT nearly being trampled as I fled down the trail in the opposite direction of the snake… Never once have they told me ENOUGH WITH THE WEIGHT LOSS STORIES!

It was a fun gathering, we talked about a range of topics and we enjoyed each other’s company.

Dinner Tonight

Baked Salmon marinated in low sodium soy sauce with fresh ground ginger and fresh garlic, multi-grain rice with black beans and pepper and onion, and Kabocha Squash. It was delicious. I love cooking. Exploring new varieties of foods has been one of the truly rewarding aspects of this Journey.

Kabocha, Baked Salmon, Mixed Grain Rice with Black beans....

Kabocha, Baked Salmon, Mixed Grain Rice with Black beans….

After three consecutive nights of Vegan dinners, we have had two in a row with fish. We like the variety.

All of this has prompted us to start planning a garden. I want a large garden. We have the space for it and so…

I am planning 3-4 varieties of tomato, a range of herbs, several pepper varieties, squash (Missus has banned zucchini), eggplant, leafy greens such as spinach and Swiss Chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and maybe some corn and cucumbers…. Critical to this plan will be a fence. Have to keep the deer and rabbits away….

Anyone out there with some good gardening advice?

The Weekend Plans

A 10 mile hike. I want to go to the preserve and do a ten-mile hike. Last weekend I hike 7.5 miles with MT and it was really nearly effortless. This weekend I would like to add an hour to the hike and get to ten miles. I have no doubts about doing it. I just want the weather to cooperate. Anything around 30 degrees and sunshine will work as long as the wind is mild.

A view out across a frozen Swan Lake, Rockefeller Preserve, Sleepy Hollow,  NY

A view out across a frozen Swan Lake, Rockefeller Preserve, Sleepy Hollow, NY

This will have to be Saturday because the weather forecast for Sunday is not so nice. I may do the track at the school on Sunday.

I love planning weekends.

Dinner at least once of the nights will be Vegan and the other will be some nice fish we have in the freezer. Probably some Mahi-Mahi….

The Magic and Wonder

I still feel a sense of the magic and wonder of all this. The Journey, how far I have come, the distance yet to travel. Feels like magic to me. It is uplifting and affirming. It can take a dark mood and lighten it. All I need to do is put on last year’s winter coat or an old suit and I am lifted. I am reminded of the change and it changes my day.

In front of the Glacial Erratic, Rockefeller Preserve, Sleepy Hollow, NY. 1/27/2013

In front of the Glacial Erratic, Rockefeller Preserve, Sleepy Hollow, NY. 1/27/2013

No matter how accustomed I become to the revised me I will not lose the sense of wonder that I managed to do this. I lost the weight. I am almost 6 months in to the maintenance part of this and I am still well below the target weight of 210 pounds. Still around 200.

I can’t help but think that I succeed at losing the weight and I am succeeding as maintaining the weight because I kept it simple. I reduced my calories and I increased my activities and I stuck with it and I continue to stick with it. I have done this through trials and tribulations, confusion, stress, fear and anxiety. No matter what, good or bad, was happening in my life I have stayed with this plan.

To me, this is magic and wonder.


One thought on “A day of Nothingness

  1. Nothing better than pouring over seed catalogs in January. “Square Foot Gardening” was always a favorite of mine but I also would love to try “Lasagne Gardening”. It’s intriguing. Sounds like you might benefit from some chicken wire too to keep away critters too. Look forward to the pictures.

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