A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

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Getting Through the Winter

Crossing the Line (Again)

I am really quite pleased with my weight maintenance. I have been hovering between 202 and 205 with one very brief trip to 206. I have held it there for several months now with the exception of the 194 lbs I saw when at the depths of the flu. I can’t say I was thrilled to see 206 but I didn’t panic, I simply adjusted and very quickly the weight came back down. I know why it climbed: I ATE TOO MUCH. Really. That is why….

It came back down because I adjusted what I was eating, increased my activity and the weight adjusted.

I expected this during the winter months when the fickleness of the weather would play games with my activity level. It has.

I told Missus at the beginning of the winter that my goal was to be at 200 pounds at the beginning of March. This would mean that I kept close to the plan, didn’t let winter cause weight gain and would set me up well for the increased activity that the warmer weather of March, and soon April, would allow.

It is February 26, 2013 as I write this.

The weight on the scale this morning was 198.6 lbs. So far the plan is working.

I am below the line. Again. This is my 33rd day under 200 pounds since I started this journey but the first day since January 17. I am very pleased to have crossed the line.

With my birthday coming in about two weeks I am still thinking 195 lbs as a birthday gift to myself.


My friend NI sold me a set of rollers. Rollers are the cycling equivalent of a Treadmill but without the rails on the side and the neat Auto-stop tether. The idea is that they mimic riding on the road to a greater degree than a wind trainer can.

The concept is simple, the devil is in the details. I have not ridden them yet. That comes this weekend.

I am looking forward to riding them but I also have a great deal of nervousness… I have a tendency to drift left while riding a bike. I think it comes from my dislike for riding close to the shoulder of the road. Be that as it may, if you drift on rollers you soon find yourself hurtling across your home on a run-away bike followed soon by a sickening CRASH….

This is how I hope to get through the last month of the winter. Riding my bike on rollers…. Wish me luck.

Being Fit, Staying Fit, Hating Winter…

The wet weather around here has limited my hikes. I have not hiked in a bit and I am not happy about it. If Saturday coming will cooperate I will get in a long hike. If not… Well the High School Track will have to do. I went for a long walk on the track. Well not really so long. Total was only 2.75 miles from my front door, around the track four times and then back to the house. I also did 10 bleacher-sets running. When I started this Journey I barely made the first five bleacher-sets and running them was a silly fantasy. Now I run ten.  The best part was that The Younger Son walked with me.  I love when he goes with me.

But this brings me to my feelings towards winter. I am starting to hate it. I didn’t ya know. I do now. There is not enough snow here to cross-country ski regularly. The rain and cold make walks and hikes less frequent than I prefer. Cycling is difficult.

All of this is making the fitness thing more difficult and now that I am fit I am miffed if anything gets in the way of staying fit and/or improving my fitness.


Spring is coming. Just not soon enough.

I am committed to a 25-30 mile ride around my birthday. My birthday is a Monday so I will make it that Sunday if the weather will allow.

Last year I was so happy to squeak out a ten-mile ride. It was all I could do. Now I am looking forward to a 30 mile ride.