A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

It Isn’t Easy


A Cold Saturday Hike Ahead

I am going for a hike this afternoon and I feel as though I am stealing time from my family to do it. I need to hike. It serves so many purposes. First, it is exercise. I hike for two or three hours and I burn a great many calories and improve my fitness. Second, it is mental rehabilitation. I refresh myself. I clear the mind. I come back to my home in a better frame of mind, freed, at least for a while, of the darkest moods.

But it is hours taken from family. It is too cold for the other members of the family to hike with me. I bundle up and I hike at a brisk pace and I survive the cold. The rest of the family cannot walk at my brisk pace and do not withstand the cold as well.

I am told to GO HIKE but I still feel like a thief.

Wondering Where to go from Here

As I maintain my weight at 200’ish pounds I am left wondering where I go from here. What do I do next? I am pledged to ride more this year, hike more this year, continue to build my fitness level. I want to take off another 5-10 pounds but I am very comfortable at my present weight and I am not finding it overly difficult to maintain at this weight.

I am wondering how to keep myself challenged. How do I make sure that I stay in this fight?

Can you tell that the Black Dog is visiting me again?

It isn’t easy to fight off the depression that sweeps in on me from time to time. It has been awhile since the depression hit me. It is hitting me today. I am trying to maintain a happy and positive face for the family but it is not easy to do. I wish I understood this better than I do. I know that I have come a long way. There was a time that the Black Dog had to be fed. I would eat like crazy when these moods came over me. I remember knocking off an entire pizza and then an eggplant parmigiana sandwich in an effort to shut-up the Black Dog. It failed. At least now I just drink coffee, lots and lots of coffee. The Black Dog must like coffee.

It would be easy to blame the visit from the Black Dog on some personal/professional setbacks I have had recently but I know it is not that. I have had waves of depression wash over me when everything was going perfectly.

I know it will lift. The hike just may do the trick.

So what do I do next? I feel the need for some grand gesture. Something over the top to express my new health and fitness. Ideas?

So, Should I Post Recipes?

I know I post a great many pictures of the foods I cook and I rarely post the recipes. Should I? I really don’t work from “recipes” but obviously I am creating recipes as I cook. Would it make sense to put them together and post them?

I am sure it would be fun to put them together, maybe even little video segments….

Let me know.

Different Approaches for Different Folks

Missus has lost 70+ pounds as she has traveled her own Journey. She changed the way she eats, eating the same food I do, changed her approach to food, getting some exercise. Missus is not as in to the fitness aspect of this as I am but she has certainly improved her fitness.

The biggest difference is how we approach the acknowledgement of the Journey. I LOVE when people comment on the weight loss. I revel in those moments of being the center of attention while people exclaim over the loss. Missus hates it. She would almost rather no one notice it at all. She hates being the center of attention and she doesn’t like to discuss how she is doing it or why or how much.

It is an interesting difference to me. How two people on such similar Journeys can feel so differently about it.

I am very proud of her. In a nation of obese people where fad diets and gimmicks abound, she has taken a careful, controlled and reasonable path to improve her health. No tricks, gimmicks, fads… as much as she will be embarrassed but this I want her to be the center of attention for just a moment. She has done a wonderful thing for herself and her family and she continues to move in the right direction.

I think she would shoot me for posting pictures…….

Off to fight the Black Dog.


5 thoughts on “It Isn’t Easy

  1. Mark, I think it is very courageous of you to share with us when the black dog strikes. It sounds like you’re dealing with it in your own way and not necessarily looking for advice, however, believe me when I tell you that it is okay to ask for help. It was very cold here today as well but luckily my husband and I are hearty souls and find if we bundle up and walk briskly we barely feel the chill. Good luck with your fight against the ‘black dog’.

  2. i think posting recipes could benefit others. enjoyed to hear you praise your wife–very heart-warming. i know my wife praises my weight loss. if i could only get active like she is–she walks every day. no exuse other than myself.

  3. your opening paragraph is about to be cut and pasted and appropriately credited…. it’s how I feel each and every time I go through the door

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