A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

180 Days

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Still Counting

One-Hundred and Eighty days ago I saw 209.2 on the scale. I had reached my goal weight. I wanted to lose 95.6 pounds and I had done so. I had gone right past it! Two-Hundred and Twenty-six days after starting my Journey I had reached my goal weight.

I remember the smile on my face. I remember the joy washing over me as I stood in my all-together on the bathroom scale.I remember coming out of the bathroom and announcing to Missus that I had dropped below 210 pounds.

weight chart, 180 days since I hit my goal weight.

weight chart, 180 days since I hit my goal weight.

It still feels good.

Today is 180 consecutive days of being at or below my goal weight. I am 201.6 pounds as of this morning.

Think about it. 180 days, a thin-bit below half a year, for all intents and purposes I have maintained my weight for six months.

I am still logging my weight every day. I am still counting every calories, every bit of food I eat. I am still counting the pounds and the ounces. I am still at or below my goal weight. This is how it feels: WONDERFUL/

I cannot envision the day I will stop counting. Not as long as it helps me stay below the goal weight.

Still Counting. Still Happy.

It was Easier Last Winter

Too darned cold this winter. Yeah I know about the global warming thing but last winter was warmer and I was able to get out in the evening during the week and walk. This winter has been, well, more winter-like. Cold and windy, low 20’s cold. 20-30 mile per hour wind kind of windy. Last winter was 40 degree cold, light wind cold. Easier to get out and walk.

Still I am maintaining the weight but I would like to get more walking in. Not easy right now. Without the layer of flubber on me I feel the cold more. No excuses here. Just saying it is harder to do. Still getting it done but it is harder.

Eating Right and still fitting in a Cookie

As I mentioned above, I count everything I eat, log it on Loseit.com and watch the calories carefully. I am also very careful to avoid the foods I have a history of over eating. Like cookies. Chocolate Chip cookies to be precise. I could (and have) sit down and eat a bucket full. Missus makes them each Sunday for the boys. The Younger likes to take them to school as his daily snack and the Older likes to grab one before bed time. Drives me nuts how he can limit himself to just the one….

I have done very well at avoiding them altogether. I love them. I know that I have little self-control around them… So yesterday I had one. An amazing thing happened. I didn’t weight 305 pounds when I woke this morning. I made sure I watched the calories. I made sure that I made a hole in the calories count that the cookie would fit. And it worked. I had just the one. It was WONDERFUL. And I stopped at ONE.

I won’t have any today. I don’t want to tempt the fates. But I am pleased that I stopped at the one and that I fit it in, in a reasonable way. I did over eat yesterday. I went over my self-imposed calorie limit. I was ok. Actually down a half pound today from yesterday (the result of the hike on Saturday and watching the calories the rest of the week). I know that some will say I am allowed a day like that. One day does not equal failure, will not cause me to gain it all back. I still look at it as one becomes two becomes three…

So once in a while I will have a cookie after carefully fitting it in. I will not sit by and watch the bad days pile up.

I have learned that one cookie will not knock me off the wagon.

So Hikes will have to do it for Now

With the weather too cold to ride (for me) and the walking at the track a problem given the winds and cold, it will have to be my weekend hikes that get me out in the real world. The hike this past weekend was wonderful. Yes it was cold but I really didn’t mind it. I enjoyed the walk but I learned I have to start a little earlier. I could have easily done ten miles but the temperature was dropping at about the same rate as the sun. Walking in the cold and dark….

I found some trails I had not walked before. Saw others I will have to explore.

I hope to hike again Sunday. 10 miles this time. Only bitter cold or precipitation will prevent it.

I am thinking that it is time for me to plan a spring over-night hike. I have not done an overnight hike in a very long time. MT and KR hiked with me in Maryland. It was fun. It was a long time ago.

Maybe by myself? I might enjoy the time alone with my thoughts as I hike along. My father used to take solitary hikes for that reason. Away from the job, away from the family and all the tumult. He came back refreshed and happy.

Might work for me.

By late February I will be cycling unless this month hold tenaciously to the cold weather. Last year I did a ten-mile bike ride on my birthday in early March. This year I want to do 30 miles on or close to my birthday.

But for now… Hiking will have to do.


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