A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Peanut Butter


Missing an Old Friend

I love Peanut Butter. I mean I really love it. It is one of those foods that I have no control around. I will make myself a PB&J and then have a spoonful or three of peanut butter after finishing the sandwich already laden with peanut butter. I don’t make sandwiches with the normal serving size. I make it THICK with peanut butter on both slices of bread and a wall around the outer edge to seal in the jelly.

My PB&J sandwiches are works of culinary art and in no possible way healthy. I use white bread. Not white whole wheat. WHITE bread. Butter-Top, Taste-Bread, Wonder Bread WHITE. No Organic, artisanal Peanut butter or jelly for me. JIF Creamy, Welch’s Concord Grape.

We are talking a sugar and high fructose corn syrup orgy between two slices of health destroying white commercially baked and preserved foam.

It is everything I no longer do to myself wrapped up in one neat little, washed down with milk, package.

And I miss it. I miss it very much.

It is the one and only food that I have given up that I consistently crave. Not every day but at least twice a week I find my mind wondering over to the pantry to look at the jar of Jif. It has been over a year. Not since sometime in December 2011 have I allowed myself to have a PB&J. Sigh.

I wonder if I will ever trust myself enough around food to have one again… I wonder if I will allow myself to eat something that unhealthy even just once in a great while.

When I took off the weight three plus years ago my reward to myself for losing 50 pounds was a PB&J. It was also the day that I started the slide back to uber-fat

I will not touch the stuff. Not yet. Not until I am certain beyond all question that I will not allow it to be a gateway back to obesity.

But I do miss that old friend…

Ain’t Hiking this weekend

I don’t know if you have heard but a major winter storm is heading this way. In my area the forecast is for close to a foot of the heavy white stuff. Further east and north they are facing a blizzard of potentially historic proportions. This will not be fun. For me the major effect will be a difficult commute home on Friday evening and time behind the snow blower. I will get in some exercise that way and I will try to get to the local trails on Saturday afternoon to do a little cross-country skiing.

The storm has killed any hope I had of hiking at the Preserve on Sunday though I may drive up there and cross-country ski if the roads and weather allows.

I am part of the Get-Fit program I have mentioned before and because I have spent so much time in cars this week, it has put at risk in only the second week my ability to meet the weekly fitness time…

Not pleased. I will find away even if it means cross-country skiing in my neighborhood.

But I can tell ya this, I ain’t hiking this weekend.


Cooking comes easy to me. Always has. I have improved my skills over the years and I am better at seasonings and such now than years ago but I was always a good cook and it always came easy for me. Lately though I feel as though I am in a rut: sweet potato, winter squash, greens….

I have to stretch a little more and experiment more. Towards this end I have started to really dig in to my collection of 250 plus cookbooks (SS: this does not mean I have enough, feel free to keep sending me cookbooks). I am really digging in to the vegetable sections looking for inspiration. As we move closer to a vegetarian diet it is becoming more of a challenge to keep the menu varied and interesting. We are trying grains and rice that are new to us. We are trying all sorts of new greens and potatoes and squash and the like. Still this is proving a real challenge.

Ideas and suggestions are welcomed.

Tonight’s Dinner

Tilapia covered in Horseradish with a light sprinkle of Paprika, Mixed greens (string beans, collard greens and Swiss Chard) with garlic, baked sweet potato: Less than 500 calories for a filling and tasty dinner.


6 thoughts on “Peanut Butter

  1. We’re in the middle of that storm now. We just got back from our walk with the dog. It’s pretty windy out there with drifting snow and Frances seemed to be struggling a little bit so we cut the walk back to 3K. Keeping my fingers crossed for a ‘snow day’ tomorrow but the school board rarely closes schools, only cancels school buses. Sigh!!!!!!!!!

  2. What you said about peanut butter hits home a little bit for me. I still eat peanut butter, but from time to time I will go absolutely binge crazy with it. I’ll eat multiple spoonfuls of it. Then I’ll go to the pantry and take chocolate and mix it with the PB. Then I’ll eat more PB by the spoonful. It can get scary when you can’t stop yourself. You have some serious, serious self-control with your trigger food!

  3. Hope you weather the storm – even here in the UK we’re hearing about its historic potential. And enjoy the cross-country skiing – am jealous!

  4. have you tried doing the “healthy” whole grain, organic no sugar pb, etc version to see if you can eat that and stay in control?

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