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All Is Well

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Survived the Snow

It wasn’t too bad here, 10-12 inches. The snow blower made short work of clearing the drive and walks and all is well with my world. Now I am looking for a place to cross-country ski. It has been a long time since I did it last and it is a perfect way to burn some calories now that snow covers my world. I will head out early tomorrow, drive the hour to the trails and spend a few hours slowly skiing around. I am looking forward to it. I will try to take some pictures…

There is so much that I can have back in my life now that I have taken off the weight and improved my fitness. I can cross-country ski again. That was gone for me for quite some time. Twelve years since I went last. SO glad to have this back.

I was never very good at it. I do manage to stay up right most of the time. I just enjoy being in the woods, with the snow, the quiet, the cold. I work up a good sweat. I get the blood flowing, I burn some calories. I enjoy.

I hope my Northeast friends have made it through the storm well and safe.

The dogs really loved the snow today:

DSCF6121 DSCF6122 DSCF6123 DSCF6124 DSCF6125 DSCF6126 DSCF6127 DSCF6128 DSCF6129 DSCF6131 DSCF6132 DSCF6134

Baking Breads

I made my potato bread today to bring with us tonight when we went to our friends home for dinner. I love baking bread. Knowing that it would stay at the friend’s home when we left made it easier. Less temptation in the house. I also made two loaves of whole wheat bread for our home. The older Boy loves whole wheat bread and I enjoy it as well. It will make nice sandwiches….

potato bread whole wheat bread

I used to bake the bread and then spend the day nibbling at it. Now I have one slice with lunch, one with dinner… I have no clue where this willpower came from but I am glad it decided to visit and then stay…


One thought on “All Is Well

  1. We got a dusting, but we need so much more. Snow pack is way behind schedule. It was snowing dogs?!

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