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Days since I have been here

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Where Have I Been?

No, I have not stopped writing my blog, I have not gained back all the weight, I am not lost.

Just been running around like mad…

I am here. I am good. I am well…

I am still at 202 pounds, 8 pounds below my target weight. Still working on staying at this weight. I have set a new goal for myself. I want to get to 195 pounds by March 11. My birthday. I want to be there because… Well, just because I know I can.

I am eating right, eating less, moving… Well I need to move more but I am tied up with so many things that I am not home until late in the evening (another reason I have not been writing) and working out…. Well I am getting in walking during the day. I was miserable today. The weather was perfect for cycling and I was tied up all day. If you are going to be out of work at least you should be able to enjoy riding on a February day in the low 50’s….

BUSY Times

Last night was a Valentine’s Day dinner out. I know better but we did it anyway. Not so much for Valentine’s Day but because we wanted to eat out. It was an OK dinner at the local Chinese Restaurant where we are greeted by our first names and given a prime table (which in a small store-front restaurant isn’t saying much)…

Tomorrow is an early dinner of sushi followed by drinks t a Pub in New York City with dear College friends. Sunday night is dinner with two dear friends at our favorite Indian Restaurant. Eating out three times in four days. That constitutes a very packed social calendar for us.

The challenge when eating out is portion control. I will do fine. I have learned over the past year how to select good items on the menu and how to leave food on the plate. I control my eating very well now. I don’t order soup, appetizer, salad bar, main dish, dessert…. A main and a soup….

The sushi dinner allows me some room to splurge… The drinks afterwards is not a problem as I don’t drink and really never was a drinker. I will be happy with my seltzer with lime…

It is the good company that counts for me…

Adding more rides to the Calendar

I found out about a ride in Hershey PA called the Tour of Chocolate Town. I am seriously considering this ride. Not expensive at $40.00. Not all that far away… Right between the Five-Boro ride and Montreal and the Ride for Autism….

Also the money goes to a good cause, raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network at Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital.

I love rides like this..

The is also a ride to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis that I am considering.

Join me if you are in the area….

More Thoughts on Cross-Country Skiing

I cannot remember much about the many times I have cross-country skied. That is to say I cannot tell you stories about this hill or that. I cannot tell you the quality of the snow or any of the things I hear downhill skiers talking about.

I can tell you about feelings. I can tell you how pure it felt. I can tell you about the time I arrived at the lodge just before they opened for the day. Got the first pass of the day and put the first ski to the newly fallen snow. I can tell you how serene it felt as I skied through a particular part of the trail where the evergreens were weighed down with snow and the entire scene felt like the cover of a winter holiday card. I can tell you that when I am out of the trail alone I never really feel alone. I can tell you then there is a wonderful feeling that comes over me as I ski along and hear little but the slide of my skis on the snow and my breathing and the rustle of something in the woods along the trail.

I can tell you that it is not about grace, or speed, or athleticism. For all the many times I have gone cross-country skiing I am still a bit clumsy on them. I lack grace. I will never be fast, I will never be athletic. It is about being within myself. Being able to think and dream and ponder. It is about pushing myself and pushing past the need to concentrate on the action and get to the point where I can just allow the mind to enjoy this time.

Grace, speed, athleticism.. I can tell you that while lack all those things when I am skiing on the cross-country trails, I am at peace on the trails. I have made it to the point where the body does so the mind doesn’t have to and the mind can wander…

Does this make any sense?


One thought on “Days since I have been here

  1. Makes sense to me. It sounds like serenity.

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