A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

The Thin-Man Suit


It is a matter of degrees

When I was FAT I had several suits. There was the suit I could wear when I was in my 280’s. The suit that fit me when I was around 295 to 300 and the suit that I wore when I would get to my peak, around 315. I also had the basic blue sports coat in similar sizes. At the back of the closet there was what I thought of as my thin-man suit. I bought it when I was around 240 pounds. I wore it to a cousin’s wedding 25 or 26 years ago. I loved that suit and as my weight increased and I couldn’t wear it any longer, I kept it neatly stored in a suit bag, hanging in the closet for the day when I would lose enough weight to wear it again.

Then I lost so much weight that my beautiful suit became too big.….

What I had for so long thought of as my thin-man suit was in truth just the first of a long line of fat-man suits.

Truth be told, 240 plus pounds is not a thin-man. It was really the first step on my way to being a fat man.

It was all a matter of degrees.

As I reached 200 pounds I found I did not have a single suit or sports coat that fit. They were all HUGE on me, some ridiculously so. The thin-man suit hung on me like a tent. I could get away with the jacket but the pants were so big that I had to bunch the material up on the side so I could wear the suit to a job interview.

It was getting silly.

I needed a suit. I needed it now.

The New Suit

I am not a fashion plate. I am a blue jeans and T-shirts sort of guy. I am happiest when I am wearing worn out jeans and hiking boots and hitting the trail. The only time I am colorful in my dress is when I am suited up for a bike ride and then only because I think bright, eye-catching designs will help keep me alive…

eye-catching design is helpful in staying alive when cycling.....

eye-catching design is helpful in staying alive when cycling…..

In business causal dress I tend towards various shades of beige and blue.

But one does need a suit. Job interviews, family events….

I went to my favorite Men’s Shop and simply could not afford the suits. Nice as they are, they are simply out of my reach right now given current circumstances.

Then I saw the pictures of the clothing designed by the daughter /step daughter of my dear friends MO and CRO. WOW. Beautiful.

I asked about the price and how could a designer in Columbia make a suit for a man in New Jersey….

A list of measurements and method for taking the measurements was sent. A price was give and agreed to. Measurements were sent and the suit arrived yesterday.

I unboxed it with great trepidation. I had never bought a suit through emails and text messages. Missus had never taken measurements before. We were convinced we had messed it up and the efforts of the designer would have been wasted on a suit that would not fit.

My new suit.  The sleeves need shortening.  Otherwise it fits beautifully

My new suit. The sleeves need shortening. Otherwise it fits beautifully

It is Beautiful. And it fits. The sleeves have to be taken up but otherwise it fits beautifully. The pants fit. The jacket fits. The color is beautiful. The fabric feels great. The jacket moves with me, the slacks feel just right.

And for the first time since college I have a true Thin-Man suit.

It is cut not for a man trying to hide the belly. It is not cut loose in the pants to allow comfort for a fat man. It is cut for a man who is fit and trim. It is a Thin-Man suit.

It is cut for me. And I am not a fat man any longer. I am a man who is fit and trim and lean. I am a thin man.


3 thoughts on “The Thin-Man Suit

  1. Way to go! That’s a serious milestone, and a beautiful suit (your friends did an amazing job!). I’ve been following your journey on here for a while now, and it’s really inspiring to watch you whittling yourself into a lean, fit person.

    Kep it up!

  2. Looks great Mark! I attended a conference this weekend and they had a fashion show. Most of the models had lost 80 pounds or more and they showed their before pictures as they came out. It was very inspiring and a reminder that we don’t have to be invisible anymore. Thanks for sharing.

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