A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

A few Thoughts on Tuesday Night

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The Flatiron Building.  It was a beautiful day in New York Sunday.  We took advantage and strolled around the Flatiron District, stopping for a cup of coffee, enjoying the sights.

The Flatiron Building. It was a beautiful day in New York Sunday. We took advantage and strolled around the Flatiron District, stopping for a cup of coffee, enjoying the sights.

Changes in Eating

No cooking tonight. Missus and I went out for sushi. It was very good and we really enjoyed. With my birthday around the corner we decided this would be my birthday dinner.

Sushi and Indian cuisine are really the only food I eat out now. I rarely will eat out otherwise. Indian gives me the wide range of vegetarian selections I like and sushi reminds me why I am not yet a full-fledged vegetarian…

I am still amazed by my transformation. That I could now contemplate being a vegetarian when just a year and a half ago beef and pork were my favorite foods.


The change is remarkable.

The funny thing is that this has thrown some of my friends a curve. They don’t know quite what to make of this and it has complicated (in their minds) the act of getting together for dinner with me. What exactly will Mark Eat?

We are all adjusting.

We went to a 70th birthday party this past Sunday. Missus and I were concerned about what might be available for us to eat. Basically is came down to shrimp and I am good with that!! Also cheese which we ate in small quantities, and fruit which we ate in large quantities. So we made do. There were sandwiches as well but we try to avoid them. Cheese and mayo and….. well just doesn’t work for us and the way we eat now.

We don’t make much of a to-do about what we will and won’t eat. If the selection is there we enjoy and if not we make do.

I will say this to anyone who will listen (and I often do): if you want to lose weight and get healthier then you need to change what you eat as much as you need to change how much you eat. I used to say eat less, move more. That is still true but I amended that to “Eat Right, Eat Less, Move More”.

Just one man’s opinion.

More Rides Ahead

Signed up for another ride. This is the 2013 Bergen County Bicycle Tour on June the second. At only $15.00 it is a good price for an organized ride with rest area and SAG support. I am doing the 45-mile distance. It is a month after the 42-mile Five-Boro ride and a week before the 65-mile Ride for autism. All in all I should be piling on the miles.

This coming weekend the forecast is for high 40’s and I plan to take advantage and get in my birthday weekend ride. I aim for 30 miles….. We will see. A year ago I struggled to get in 10 miles.

Riding is addictive. I am told running is as well. I must have a high resistance to that particular addiction…

So I have planned now three rides: The Five Boro, the Bergen County Tour and the Ride for Autism. I need to get a few more scheduled….

I also have planned the Ride from High Point to Cape May in September, the North fork Century in late August, and the Ramapo Rally in mid-August. There is also a ride in Northeastern Connecticut that I hope to do in October and the Hub ride in Boston in late September that I missed last year due to the knee injury.

Of course I plan to ride on my own or with my clubs throughout the spring, summer and fall and I hope that when the year is done I will have come close to my goal of 2500 miles.

This year I will do my first century ride. I hope it will be the North fork ride.

Keeping it going

I hit my goal weight on August 8, 2012. This means that on Friday of this week I will reach 7 full months at or below my goal weight of 210 pounds. I have not been over 205 pounds since September of 2012. I am keeping it going. I am not losing focus. I have not lost sight of the goal or drifted away from the plan.

I have NEVER maintained weight loss like this. I always stopped losing and started gaining well short of my goal and this time I am not failing. I wish I could bottle this and sell it.

I am proud. I can’t deny it. I take pride in this accomplishment. It thrills me to hear people exclaim over my weight loss. At our friends 70th birthday party a couple of people who have met me a time or two in the past simply didn’t realize I was the same person. That has to make you smile, ya know?…..

So I am keeping it going. No cheating, few indulgences. We do not PARTY it up. Our lone indulgence, our only deviation from the plan is the occasional night of sushi or Indian food.

Keeping it going.

Have to. I am this happy at 7 months. Can you imagine what I will be like when I hit a year in August?

This is how I live now folks. I am not the person who would sit down and knock of an entire tub of cookies or eat a peanut butter and Jelly sandwich while waiting for dinner.

I am just not him anymore.

And I am dammed glad of it.


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