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An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Sunday and a Hike


Went for a walk in the woods…

I went for a walk in the woods today, a hike if you will. I walked with a friend, SA and his niece M. We walked nearly nine miles and we walked at a good pace and we chatted and we enjoyed. It was a great start to a very good day.

Today's Hike

Today’s Hike

The hiking is one of the activities representative of the changes in me over the last 15 months or so. When I started this Journey, or even before. Going back to the first time I walked at the Rockefeller Preserve in October of 2011. I think the hike was about 4 miles and I was spent at the end. I remember facing the long hill back up to the parking area and I wanted anything but to hike that hill. I managed but I stopped three times on the way. I got to the car and I was winded and exhausted and questioning my sanity for even thinking about that walk much less doing it.

Now hikes are so important to me. I try to plan one most weekends. I don’t get tired. I just keep going. Where once I struggled to maintain a 2-mile per hour pace I now walk over hill and dale at a three and a half mile an hour pace. TO me the hikes are illustrative of the overall change. Not just the change in weight and fitness but more deeply than that, it chows the changes in the mindset that can take place when you commit yourself to change.

Along the Trails at the Rockefeller Preserve

Along the Trails at the Rockefeller Preserve

As SA, his niece, and I walked, I found it easy to chat because I was not getting winded. I enjoyed the hike and didn’t even think to stop for a break. I realized after the hike that perhaps I should have offered a break to my companions but they didn’t ask and I didn’t feel the need….

The woods were chilly today. It was low thirties as we walked but the exertion was enough, along with the layers of clothes, to keep me warm. I was able to truly enjoy the hike. I didn’t have to concern myself with being tired. I could just hike.

As we approached the end we decided to take a side hike to the top of the overlook. It is a good climb and we walked briskly. We didn’t stay long at the top; just long enough to snap a few pictures and then we headed back towards the bottom and the long climb back to the parking lot. These were the two longest and steepest climbs of the hike.

Some Breads for dinner tonight

Some Breads for dinner tonight

I guess this is just a way of saying how good I felt today. I finished up in time to get home and make some breads to have with dinner tonight. We enjoyed the company of our friends DG and PG. I made a shrimp and chicken sausage Creole. Very tasty. Well received.

I would not have had the energy for a long walk and an afternoon spent in the kitchen a year ago. Now I don’t even question it.

High Point-Cape May.

A happy development from today’s hike is the possibility that SA will join KAR and me on High Point-Cape May adventure.

That makes three. I am hoping that we might get a fourth but three would be fine. Two would be fine. I just don’t want to go alone…

We plan to do the ride in early September over the course of three days. We expect to travel light with just the spare tubes and so forth that any cyclist would ride with. This is contingent on getting someone or a few people to act as our support team. Carrying our luggage so to speak… Meeting us at the rest areas, getting our hotels set up and the like. Any volunteers?

So much planning yet to do for a little (240-mile) bike ride…

Weighty Issues

Stepped on the scale and expected to see that I had gained a little weight. Nope. 201.6 pounds this AM. This is something that is amazing me really. Even when I think I have been over eating it turns out that I am doing a fair job of regulating my consumption after all. Even though the calorie counts look right, it sometimes feels that I am over doing it.

I need to trust myself a little more perhaps.

Will the warm weather EVER get here…

WE are expecting snow tomorrow afternoon in to the night. March 18 and we are looking at snow…

I am done with this. I need some 50-degree days. I want to get on the bike more than I have been. I have 7 weeks to the 5-boro ride and I need to lay down a base of miles…

This cold stuff is not doing it for me.

I can hike in the cold but I have never been able to adjust to cold weather cycling.



8 thoughts on “Sunday and a Hike

  1. How far exactly is a ‘mile’ miles. I suspect you meant to write nine. The cold is getting to us as well. We haven’t even taken out the bikes yet. Last year we rode all winter. More snow on the way here as well.

  2. I’m ready for the 50’s here as well! Your hike sounds fantastic!!
    I’m heading to Cape May this summer – but mine is for a little R&R! Walking and shopping will be my workouts! =)

  3. Warm weather should help boost that motivation. Keep up the good work!

  4. What a great day you had!

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