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Hiking and Biking

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A weekend of activity

I spent much of this weekend active…

On Saturday I hiked at the Rockefeller Preserve. Something between 10.4 and 11.6 miles. I don’t quite trust the GPS app on my iPhone….

The beautiful blue sky from the parking lot of the Preserve

The beautiful blue sky from the parking lot of the Preserve

views along the way

views along the way


View Towards the Hudson

View Towards the Hudson

It was in any case a good, brisk hike and I enjoyed being out in the almost warm air of a day that seemed to promise that better, warmer weather is just around the corner after all.  I really enjoy the preserve with its walking trails, surprising vistas, peaceful woods and burbling brooks. You can almost forget the real world while there…


On a trail bridge over Route 117

On a trail bridge over Route 117


DSCN0169The hike was the longest I have taken in a long time and it was relaxing while being energizing. The sole downside was the pain in my feet from a poor selection of socks…

I was very good about eating when done with the hike. It would have been easy to fall in to the trap of taking advantage of the extra calories burned but I kept the day to 2300 calories. Exactly where I want to be for weight maintenance.

Today I joined the local bike shop for their weekly Sunday morning ride. Thirteen of us went off on a short ride of 22+ moderately hilly miles. I loved the ride for many reason, not the least of which was that much of the ride went through my old-home-town. I was very happy to have conquered a hill I had never ridden up successfully, always having to walk a part of it. This time I rode the entire hill. This victory was tempered by having to walk a longer, steeper hill later in the ride. Several other walked it as well so I didn’t feel quite so badly as I would if I had been the only one…

My new goal is to conquer Two Bridges Road…

So 11 miles walking yesterday, 22 riding today. A very good weekend of activity and I have controlled the eating…

With the 5-boro ride just four Sundays away I need to build the base miles. Riding in the evening will be difficult due to the unpredictability of my day. Based on how I felt today, I can do the 42 miles of the ride but I would really like to build up the stamina for some of the bridge approaches…

I am feeling really good. The surgically repaired knee feels great. I have no pain, no discomfort at all when cycling and only a minimal amount when going downhill while hiking and that is in the ligaments, not the damaged meniscus. This is a good thing!


One thought on “Hiking and Biking

  1. Sounds like a great weekend!

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