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Fifty-Mile Weekend


Getting in The Miles

I don’t ride much in the winter months. Mostly I walk or hike to keep the fitness level up. I try to get in a few rides. If we get the odd 50 degree day I will try to get out on the bike but I really don’t deal well with the cold while cycling. I would really prefer to cross-country ski in the winter months but snow is not a predictable element for the cross-country skier. So I walk and I hike and hope for warm weather.

With the prolonged cold weather we have had here in the Northeast I am well behind on my cycling miles with the first big ride of the year just a few short weeks away.

Yesterday, as I wrote in the blog post, I was able to get in 28+ miles on a solo ride. It was chilly but tolerable and I enjoyed the ride a great deal. Today I went on the ride run by the local bike shop. There were two routes today. One was the same as last week, a hair over 22 miles, and the other added about ten miles on to that route.

I did the shorter route. Afternoon plans made keeping the ride shorter a good thing for me to do. The ride started out with temperatures in the mid thirties and frankly that is just too chilly for me. I had to buy a pair of heavier winter riding gloves (40% off-season clearance) to keep my hands from freezing. By the end of the ride the gloves were in my pockets as the weather had warmed to a seasonable 58 degrees. It felt so good to feel warm sun on me.

So I got in 50+ miles this weekend. Exactly what I had set out to do.

The legs were good about it and the back and neck tolerated a second day in the saddle with minimal pain and soreness. All in all it was a very good weekend

I have just under 150 miles in this year. I really expected to be closer to 600 at this point. I am really not happy with the weather….

This week the weather threatens some rain but warmer temperatures, even getting in to the seventies. If my schedule will allow, I hope to get in some evening rides.

I need to build the miles… This is the only way I can get ready for the rides…

My goal is 2500 miles for the season (early March to the end of October). I am only 6% of the way there…..

Getting the miles in… Have to push.


3 thoughts on “Fifty-Mile Weekend

  1. Hope riding helps you rest. Insomnia is super rough.

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  2. I understand your frustration. The cold weather and this miserable cold and cough have kept me from walking and running is almost impossible. Warmer temperatures can’t come soon enough for me. I’m confident that you’ll reach your goal of 2500 miles for the season. Don’t give up.

  3. keep logging the miles! I find a short walk after a ride goes a long way.

    And thanks for sharing your story! I’m trying to drop weight as well and your story is inspiring that I can do it.

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