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Didn’t do the 35 Miles


Reaching for Goals

Yesterday morning I stated that my goal for the day was a 35-mile ride. Didn’t do it. I started off to do it but I didn’t. I did 40 miles.

The route I followed climbed for two of the first 2.3 miles. A long climb to be sure and as I reached the top, not having walked a single step of it, I felt good. Not great. I felt good. It was a heck of a way to loosen the legs up.

This was the Kinnelon Road climb that kicked me a few weeks ago. I kicked it this week.

All the details fit to print on yesterday's ride.

All the details fit to print on yesterday’s ride.

After a brief rest stop at the 15 mile mark in the town of Denville I headed off to Mountain Lakes and Boonton. As I sprinted down Vreeland Avenue in Boonton I glimpsed at the cycle computer and saw a speed of 43.6 miles per hour. I would later learn I had topped out at over 45 miles per hour. I love that!

It was as I crossed in to Montville Township, the town in which I grew up, that I decided I had more than enough in the tank to stretch the ride another 5 miles. Up Horseneck Road I went. Another long climb but the last significant climb of the ride. I have ridden Horseneck each of the last three weekends and I rode it faster yesterday than the previous two and that after 20+ miles of riding. Feeling stronger….

The rest of the ride was fun, comfortable, fast, easy riding. As I pulled in to my driveway I hit 40.1 miles on the cycle computer and 40.8 on the GPS. Always a little extra on the GPS…

I averaged 14.8 miles per hour on a very hilly ride. The speed of the downhill never makes up for the lack of speed on the climb.

I feel good today. The legs are tired but I feel strong. I am getting ready shortly for a 22 mile ride with the local bike shop and this will give me the 60 mile weekend I was looking for.

With the 40 miles yesterday I am confident that I am physically ready for the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York on May 5.

Yes You Can

A few days ago a chubby man told me that he can’t lose weight. He has tried everything. Nothing works.

the picture I showed the gentleman....

the picture I showed the gentleman….

I don’t know this fellow. We just ended up in conversation as I was doing some work and he said it was a good thing I was thin (!) because a man his size could never do what I was doing. I told him I used to be every bit as big as he is. I showed him the picture. He was stunned (his words) that the two people in the picture were one and the same man. That was when he told me he couldn’t lose weight.

I didn’t have the time to detail the steps I went through. I had to get the job done and then get back on the road. I did give him the link to this blog. I hope he is reading it. I somehow doubt that he is.

Simply put you can lose weight. There is no magic in the human body that stop the weight loss from happening forever. Eat less and move more and you will lose weight. It may bounce up and down. It may stop for a while, what some call a plateau and I call stagnation, but it will come off.

You can lose weight. It may be, in fact it WILL BE, hard work but you can do it.

There is one key to it all: You have to really want to lose weight. You have to be willing to change. It will not happen through diet pills. It will not happen with fad diets. It will happen because you decided that change has to happen NOW. It will happen because you change the way you eat, the foods you eat, the amount you eat and the reasons you eat.

Yes you can lose weight.


4 thoughts on “Didn’t do the 35 Miles

  1. Congratulations…It’s always such a great feeling to do more than you set out to do! I headed out for a 12+ mile ride yesterday and stretched it to 17. Nowhere near as impressive as your distance, but I counted it as a win! This cycling business is a lot harder for me than I expected…

    • It is! 17 miles is great! you are out there riding, running… ALL GOOD.

      I am struggling with hills. They are really kicking me. Yesterday I made all the hills but they really took a great deal out of me. Today the cycle shop owner I was riding with gave me some tips about my riding style that I hope will help. He feels I am turning too big a gear and using too much brute force on the flats and small rises and not conserving my energy but should try spinning a lower gear instead. Next week I am going to concentrate on RPM in a smaller gear and see how I do….

      • That’s sort of the strategy I’ve been trying, if I’m understanding correctly…I’m trying to keep my RPMs high, even if it means I’m going 7 mph uphill! Also, my husband (a much better cyclist) says to sit back a little more upright when going uphill. Something about weight distribution and muscle efficiency…

  2. So true – Anyone can lose weight. People can’t say that they can’t lose weight because it’s just not true. The challenge is the conditions it takes in order to begin and continue that journey. Like you said, you have to want it, be willing to do what it takes, and not try to do those silly diets and “cheats” to getting the pounds off.

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