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An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Weight Variations

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It Don’t Mean a Thing if you aint got that Swing

I am amused when someone tells me they are “exactly” XXX pounds. “I always weigh exactly XXX pounds, have since High School….”

I know it seems absurd that anyone would say that but I have had several people tell me this with minor variations in wording.

When someone asks my weight I say “between 200 and 205”. It is then that some will say the “exactly” comment.

I don’t weigh the same from one hour to the next.

The last week or so my weight has been swinging like mad. I went from 203 to 208 to 202 in a matter of four days. I am talking 6:30 AM weigh-in after morning rituals. 203-208-202….

Since I started this Journey I have not seen anything even close to this sort of mad swing.

Not worried about it or anything, just amazed really. I don’t feel the swing. My clothes didn’t suddenly get tight. I didn’t suddenly feel sluggish and fat. I just saw it on the scale. I checked on another scale and it was within half a pound. Weird.

I suppose it can be written off to water weight or “stuff” processing through the system (so to speak). Still. In the year plus of this Journey I have not seen this sort of thing over a 4 or 5 day span.



The warm weather has allowed us to grill!!!

Grilled Tuna, Grilled Mushrooms, Saute' of kale and collard greens, Grilled onions with sun dried tomato, rosematta rice and coriander chutney,

Grilled Tuna, Grilled Mushrooms, Saute’ of kale and collard greens, Grilled onions with sun-dried tomato, rosematta rice and coriander chutney,


I have been riding my bike a great deal. Been putting on the miles. Since the first of April I have ridden 140 or so miles. I have also been walking and hiking and keeping busy in other ways.

I have been fighting the temptations of good food and excuses to eat.

I keep pushing. I am not happy with my weight at 200-205. I want to be under 200 pounds. I want my weight to be 195-200. I keep pushing.

I am eating better than ever. I am close to being a vegetarian now. I no longer eat poultry and I gave up red meats over a year ago. Only my addiction to fish keeps me from becoming a full-fledged vegetarian.

I keep pushing.

I rode 50+ miles two weekends ago so I rode 60+ this past. If the weather will cooperate I will ride 70+ this coming weekend.

I keep pushing.

I plan to ride 100 miles each weekend in June if the weather will cooperate. I hope to get to 200 miles per week by September.

I keep pushing

I plan to weigh 195-200 pounds by my Goal Weight Anniversary in August.

I keep pushing.


Because I have been fat.

I won’t go back.


One thought on “Weight Variations

  1. My weight has been doing the same thing. I try not to worry about it knowing that I’m making changes to my diet and workout schedule. Hopefully the craziness will calm down soon……………Healthy Journey!

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