A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Not my best weekend


No Movement

Sitting around not doing a thing. Not yesterday, not today. A bad weekend. No energy, no motivation. I didn’t ride yesterday or even walk much. The cold and the wind just left me too depressed to deal with it all. Today is much the same. Colder than yesterday is slightly less windy. I just can’t deal with this anymore. Today is April 21 and I need some warmth. I simply could not face riding in the cold again and so here I sit…

I just told Missus that we need to consider moving south. I am not kidding. I cannot deal with the long winter. April 21 and our high temperature today will be around 50 degrees.

I love riding. I hate not riding. Today the very thought of riding in the cold, cold fingers, cold toes, ear muffs, insulated tights, watering eyes, runny nose…

And this giving in to the weather depresses me.

I am not feeding the depression so that is a good thing but it has been a battle. I so want to attack the jar of cookies in the kitchen cupboard…

The Black Dog thrives on days like these….

A Hope for Improvement

Dinner tonight with friends. MT and LG and perhaps SA and MA. Indian Buffet. I am eating lightly today so I can fit in a good meal tonight. The company of dear friends will lift my spirits and give me the boost I need going in to the week.

I have to beware of this. Food as comfort is a risky business for the obese or formerly obese. I have to be careful. I cannot allow myself to fall in to this trap.

I will watch what I eat carefully and I will make sure that I maintain the lifted spirits by some means other than food.

Going to take a nap. Depression does this to me. Makes me want to sleep.

Better than eating


2 thoughts on “Not my best weekend

  1. The warmer weather is coming, Mark and then we’ll complain it’s too warm. Hard to imagine but that’s what we do. I will agree that it’s been an awfully long winter. We seem to have winter in alternate years so next year should be shorter and warmer. We can hope. Hang in there the warmth is coming. It’s cool here today but it’s beautifully sunny.

  2. Hi there,
    Have you considered getting an upright exercise bike so you can exercise at home? If you find it too boring to be stationary, perhaps you could park it in front of the television, hopefully half an hour would zip by while you’re watching the news or something. Cheers.

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