A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

The Week Begins, After a Really Good Weekend


The Monday After

Me, On the 50 mile ride this weekend

Me, On the 50 mile ride this weekend

There was a time, a long, long time ago when I might ride 60-70 miles in a weekend. I certainly rode well over 100 miles in a week many times.

It has been a long time since I have ridden so far in a weekend.

I did it this weekend.

I few weeks ago I had a 60 mile weekend. This weekend I had a 70 mile weekend and I feel wonderful

On Saturday I rode 52 miles (as mentioned) and yesterday I did an easy 18+ to keep the legs limber.

I expected to be a little leg-weary today. I wasn’t. I feel great! The legs feel normal. I was up and down stairs today with no sense of stress or effort.

This is progress!

It was a Super Weekend

After weeks of cold and wet and dismal weather, we had a wonderful weekend. Bright sunshine, morning chill giving way to 70-degree afternoons. The Saturday ride started out chilly but soon warmed nicely and with little wind we were all able to enjoy a good spring ride. That afternoon we grilled dinner and ate on the deck.

On Sunday, Missus and I went out and did some shopping and enjoyed each other’s company. We shopped at a little gourmet grocery store and picked up a baguette, some roasted eggplant, some corn and bean salsa, some salmon….

I went for the 18 mile ride after we came home and when I returned I smoked the salmon and we had roasted vegetables and the salmon with the salsa and the roasted eggplant for dinner. Dessert was fresh pineapple.

Somewhere in all this Missus and I went shopping and bought flowers for the front of the house and I planted marigolds, posies and a variety of daisies along the fence.

The Younger and I spent some time together kidding around and playing with the dogs. The Older one spent time with us on the porch as I planted the flowers…

All in all? I couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

That Ain’t so Much…

I was told recently that losing 100+ pounds was not much of an accomplishment. It was the opinion of he who made the statement that losing 100 pounds seemed easy to him because he had lost 15 pounds “like nothing, so 100 pounds Ain’t Much”…


To each their own.

It has been a big deal to me.

Just thought I would mention it.

I Don’t Stand Out!

Someone took a handful of pictures of the ride on Saturday and posted them on Facebook. Nice pictures of a fun ride on a beautiful day. I am in three or four of the pictures.

Here is what stood out to me about the pictures I am in: I don’t stand out.

I don’t stand out. Let that sink in for a second.

When you are 100+ pounds overweight you stand out. You are the focus of every photograph. Even standing in the back, hiding behind three or four skinny people, you stand out.

I have stood out in pictures for so many years…. In pictures of family events. In pictures of a casual get-together. In candid shots. In formal shots. I stood out.

In these pictures I stand out to me because I don’t stand out. I look like I belong. I look “normal”. I look unexceptional. I look like everyone else on the ride. I am wearing my cycling tights and my cold weather jersey and I look just like everyone else on the ride.

Later in the pictures I have taken off the cold weather jersey and I have on my regular short-sleeved jersey and I looks just like everyone else.

I don’t stand out.

I am still letting that sink in.

This Week

The Five-Boro Bike Tour is next Sunday. I will spend this week staying healthy and preparing for the ride. I MIGHT get in an evening ride this week if the schedule and the weather permits. Mostly I will stretch, walk, rest and eat right.

And I will stay away from anyone who sneezes or coughs.

I hope to get to the High School field and do some bleacher-sets because I really need to build leg-strength. I don’t seem to have regained all I lost after the knee injury and I am REALLY struggling with hill climbs on my bike…

SO that is the plan. Stay in one piece for the week…

Wish me luck


4 thoughts on “The Week Begins, After a Really Good Weekend

  1. From someone that has lost 100+ pounds , regained them and is trying to lose them again – NEVER let anyone take your sense of accomplishment away!! You have succeeded at something few do and are doing a phenomenal job at maintaining it. Have a fabulous time blending in at the Five Boro. Now you’ll have to get a special shirt to be seen in the pictures. Happy Cycling!

  2. I love it! Not standing out, the way you speak of it, is something I always struggled with, and it’s such a great accomplishment. Be proud!

  3. Losing 100+ pounds is exceptional. Congrats on all you’ve achieved so far. Great effort on the bike too! – Simone

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