A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Sunday Night and I am getting Better

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I spent the last several days deeply under the weather with a very unpleasant head cold (are any of them pleasant?).

I missed two days of work and really have not been fully functional this weekend though Missus and I did celebrate her birthday on Saturday with dinner at a very nice Japanese restaurant with good friends. A very good time had by all.

I am feeling almost human. Work calls tomorrow and life will pick up speed again….

I needn’t tell you that I didn’t ride at all or walk much or do much of anything since Wednesday and I am feeling like a tree sloth right now, fat and slow.

The weight held steady, actually dropped slightly, so I am ok there. I flexed my eating (yeah, sure, a lack of appetite due to the cold had nothing to do with it) and avoided the bedridden weight gain.

Today it was a cold and dreary and wet day so there was no riding to be done even had there been no head cold to contend with. Somehow the fact that the weather would have kept me from riding in any case made me feel better about not being in any shape to ride…


By mid-week I suspect I will be in fine shape.

The coming week and weekend

The weather this week will be a challenge. It is expected to be warm but with a possibility of thunderstorms… Then of course there is the holiday weekend.

Travel to and from a big cookout out-of-state will make riding a challenge.

I will find a way….

How much one changes in a year…

I am not him anymore.  I am starting to understand who I am now

310 pounds, Summer 2011.  I am not him anymore. I am starting to understand who I am now

At the cookout last year I was in the 235 pound range, 70 or so pounds down from my starting weight and people were STUNNED at my weight loss. I am 30 pounds lighter now and I have maintained the goal weight since last August.

I am simply not who I was a year ago. Not even close to the person I was two years ago.

I get less visits from the Black Dog, less episodes of depression. I am less anxious about my weight and less nervous about allowing the occasional indulgence.

Some things have not changed or have changed only in the depth of my commitment. I am still not eating red meats and I have started to phase out other meats, poultry and fish, as well. My commitment to fitness is deeper now. It was strong a year ago. It is a passion now.

I am always planning my next walk, my next hike, my next ride.

I am as passionate about my health as I was a year ago. I still talk about it incessantly. I am still writing this blog and still thinking out my days as they will relate to food and exercise.

What has changed? I am now much more accustomed to living the way I live now. It is now less forced. I am planning and thinking from habit now not from conscious effort. I run a tab in my head of everything I eat. I know the calories by heart now. I still record them in the LOSEIT.COM app, still record even one jelly bean. No though I do it from habit. It is natural for me to do this. I don’t have to remind myself, force myself, over think it.

A year ago I was constantly reminding myself to records it, plan it, think it, do it.

Now I just do it.

In situations like the upcoming cookout I will remind myself to not snack and nibble and I will remind myself to walk around a great deal to get in the steps. I will probably go up and down the flight and a half of steps on the deck 30 times or more in the course of the day. I will remind myself to make sure that happens.

It is in the day-to-day that I am beginning to grow comfortable, beginning to feel that this lifestyle has become my life.  I am learning to be the person I have become.  Sounds like the cart in front of the horse but, for me, it works just that way.


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