A Fat Man's Journey (Working my way back…)

An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

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A look back at the week

It was a busy week for me. Work was hectic as could be, my brother visited, we drove to Maryland and back on Saturday and fit a 90th birthday party in there for good measure and today I led the 9:00 AM shop ride.

Oh, and I lost two pounds and now sit just a smidge over 200. This is normal for me. I have been sitting between 200 and 205 for months now. Once in a while I sneak below 200 for a day or two but edge back to 200. I am very happy with this. I have said I want to settle in between 200 and 205 and that is what I have done.

First the visit from the Brother.

It was fantastic. There was a time when MB and I could not spend more than an hour together without an argument breaking out. Not an issue now. We sit and chat, talk about this and that and meaningful things and we don’t get riled up. It is nice. His enthusiasm over my weight loss and fitness improvement was obvious and frequently commented on. Even Saturday, as we celebrated my Great-Aunt’s 90th birthday, MB recounted his shock on seeing me Thursday, the first he has seen me in person since I lost the weight. It made me feel wonderful that he saw the hard work and appreciated the effort that Missus and I have put in to turning around our health and fitness.

At the party on Saturday my two cousins, the Doctors, were both overjoyed at the changes they saw in Missus and Me. Again, it felt wonderful. There were relatives who simply didn’t recognize me. Two cousins asked if I had “the surgery”. Sigh.

The drive to Maryland and back, more than 500 miles round trip, was tiring but it was a wonderful opportunity for Missus and me to spend some quiet time, just the two of us. I will be forever grateful to MR for watching the boys for us. On the way home we found a nice little Japanese/Chinese restaurant. I had vegetable in a teriyaki sauce with brown rice. It was very good. The vegetable dumplings in a spinach dough wrap were delicious. Missus and I split an order.

When you ride 40 miles and spend the day working at a bike shop you will burn serious calories and really run up the fitbit numbers!

When you ride 40 miles and spend the day working at a bike shop you will burn serious calories and really run up the fitbit numbers!

a fun ride today, hilly, hot, and humid but much fun....

a fun ride today, hilly, hot, and humid but much fun….

Today I rode the 16 miles from my home to the bike shop and then I led the 9:00 AM ride. We did a hilly 25 mile course and really had a good time. The heat and humidity were tolerable at that hour and the tree lined streets over much of the ride helped keep the ride comfortable. I had a great time with a fun bunch on the ride.
After a nice dinner at our favorite Indian Restaurant….. I am now relaxing and thinking about the work week ahead…

About That Sigh

I typed a SIGH above as a reaction to being asked about “The Surgery”.

I want to explain because I don’t mean to or want to offend anyone.

I have had NO surgery. Not Gastric Bypass, not lap band. Nothing.

I went a different path. I went a path that worked for me, that fit my life and what I wanted and what I thought I could accomplish.

This does not mean that I am negative about the surgeries or that I think people who take that path are wrong to have done so or have some sort of weakness or failing.

If the surgery is the last best option or if you have diabetes then I applaud you for your courage.

My sigh is because I am saddened that this is how people think. The think that a big weight loss is not possible without the surgery. Losing 35% of your weight is a big weight loss. Make no mistake about that. I find it disheartening that some people tend to think that a big weight loss must have involved surgery.

It can. It often does. But it doesn’t have to.

That is why I sighed. I have been asked which surgery I have had at least two-dozen times. Not did I have surgery. WHICH surgery. The assumption being I must have had surgery. I didn’t. I didn’t need to. Other do need it. For reasons medical science has not fully figured out, the surgery seems to cure type-2 diabetes. For reasons medical science has not fully figured out, some people have exhausted all other options for losing weight and the threat to their health is so severe that the surgery is needed.

I wasn’t there and I was able to change my life enough that I lost the weight and I am keeping it off.

Most dieters don’t.

That is the sad and simple fact.

So far… I have…


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“If I passed you on the Street”


I think the biggest change for me on this Journey of mine has been the general sense of well-being that I now have. Happiness is another way of saying it. I am not always happy. I am happier more often and I find happiness in things and places that I never did before.

Why? Why am I happier and why am I happy more often?

I think it stems from overcoming or, at least, controlling many of the demons that contributed to my overeating and the resulting obesity. With the devil held at bay, I have a sense of comfort within me that has been absent for the better part of my life.

My brother from the west coast stayed with us last night. He was at the house much of the day spending time with Missus and my boys. I was able to leave work a little early and when I got home my brother told me that I could have walked past him on the street and he would not have recognized me. For all that the pictures have shown they do not reflect reality well enough. The change, he said, is truly jarring and remarkable.

It felt great to hear him say that.

What cannot be seen so easily are the changes within that have made this all possible.

I have gained much more than I have lost and I have lost because of all that I have gained.

Last Night at Dinner

The MB lives in the Seattle area and while he truly loves living out there, he misses the foods of the East Coast. He told me he expects to gain eight pounds this weekend. On his way to our home from the airport he stopped and picked up bagels and lox. It is impossible to get a good New York style bagel in Seattle and, even though salmon is very common, finding belly lox is very difficult.

And forget the idea of getting good New York style pizza in Seattle.

That was dinner for my brother and his nephews last night; a pizza from the place at the bottom of the hill, sausage and pepperoni. MB also bought himself a sausage sub with peppers and onions. Also hard to get in Seattle, at least at the quality level we take for granted here.

Missus and I had shrimp with chick peas and a curry sauce, some steamed vegetable buns and dumplings stuffed with peas and rice. It was a fun times sitting on the back deck, enjoying good food and good company. And I wasn’t even slightly tempted to have pizza.


It was wonderful that The Older Boy had three meals with the family yesterday and seemed to really enjoy his Uncle’s visit and all was peaceful and calm. The Younger One also seemed to enjoy and was his usual wise cracking self. Fun.

I could not have imagined two years ago that I would not crave the pizza on the table. I could not have imagined two years ago that I would be this changed.

Journeys can take you amazing places.