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Why I write this Blog


A few thoughts after a nasty comment

I suppose many bloggers have seen comments such as this. I have seen a couple, not many. Today I received a comment for approval that was, to be charitable, nasty in tone and content.

The comment, which I have deleted, was prompted by my post “A letter to myself”. The comment called in to question my ego for writing such a post, my reasons for writing my blog and whether I have accomplished anything in my life other than weight loss and bike riding.

I suppose there are reasons why someone would write such a comment. I suppose that my little journey in life is meaningful really only to me and putting it out in the public eye may be inexplicable to some.

I do not write this blog out of ego or any sort of effort at self promotion. It surprises me that people read it. I am glad people read it and I draw great energy and strengthened resolve from the supportive comments I have received. None of this is why I write the blog.

I can’t say I really care if someone writes, and attempts to post, nasty comments. I have said all along that such posts would be deleted. I want my blog to be a positive experience for me and for anyone who reads it. If someone cannot understand this, well, more the pity.

I write this blog to help keep me focused on my Journey. I write about what is happening to me on this Journey. I have never claimed this blog to be anything other than a simple exercise in trying to understand the Journey from Fat to Fit as it relates to ME and only me.

I do not write about the world at large. I do not write about the problems facing the world. I do not write about any aspect of my life (with rare exception) that does not relate directly to my Journey.

I am profoundly grateful that anyone reads this blog and I am profoundly grateful for the positive and affirming comments I have received.

If no one other than this humble author had ever read the blog I would likely still be writing it.

That some people seem incapable of understanding this simple fact is of little concern to me.

Thank you to those who understand and offer support. Thank you to those who occasionally stop by and read a little of what I have written.


32 thoughts on “Why I write this Blog

  1. I’m glad you deleted it. No one needs to see that. You’ve probably helped more people than you know and certainly more people than that person who felt the need to make a negative comment. Also some people who’ve never had a weight problem have no idea how difficult it is to lose weight and keep it off. Thank you for writing about yourself and your journey. You certainly have helped me along the way.

  2. I love your blog. I love you. Keep on keepin on my friend…

  3. Stay the course of your journey. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and Facebook posts and have drawn strength from them. There are always going to be haters that try to bring down others. Thank you for doing what your doing. Look at the future you’ve given yourself! Happy Cycling!

  4. “whether I have accomplished anything in my life other than weight loss”
    Simple answer: yes, you have accomplished many other things, and those other things are not the subject of this blog.

    “called into question my ego for writing such a post”
    Huh? Did that commenter ever read any blogs? Blogs are about ego. That’s a necessary element for this kind of writing. Otherwise, we could get along fine by viewing only your fitbit stats. (Ugh. That would be awful.)

    Ego away!

    • Thank you. Of course it takes some fair measure of ego to write a blog and think you have something to say and that others will want to read it.

      You know better than most how passionate I am about this and how focused I am. You have seen more closely than most the changes in me that have come about due to the Journey.

      Your support, patience, humour, encouragement, gentle corrections and friendship has been helpful beyond measure.

  5. Mark, we don’t know each other–although we should: You see I joined BTCNJ about five years ago in the hopes of losing weight, reclaiming my fitness level of twenty years ago and rekindling my love of biking. Five years have passed and I have not planted my well-cushioned rear-end on a bike, and why? Only because I’m ashamed of my body and fitness level. Just before New Year’s, I happened upon your blog. In a fit of inspiration, thanks to your blog, I bought a FitBit and began wearing it constantly.

    Life intervened, as it has a habit of doing. Long road trips due to work, a nasty case of still-unresolved plantar fasciitis and precious little access to free time. I plug along as best I can. Nonetheless, one of these days I know I’ll be able to walk up to you, extend my hand and give thanks in person.

    Forget the nay-sayers. There are probably a legion of lurkers out there, just like me, who want to give you a huge pat on the back and are grateful for inspiration wherever, and however, it may be found. Hats off to you for bearing your soul, while folks like me won’t even show their faces for fear of humiliation. Keep it up!

    • I am deeply thankful and moved by your comments. I look forward to riding with you someday as I am sure you will start your own journey and will be out there with the club enjoying some rides.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  6. There is a reason that libraries and book stores are filled with works that have the work “memoir” in them. Writing your story helps others to validate their own story. It helps others to be inspired to create their own story. And, in many ways, writing stuff down helps you to understand yourself. Sure, you could have just written it in a book for only yourself to see – but who would benefit other than you? And, by making it public, you invited the universe to hold you accountable. You have allowed others to become part of your story, which means you have become part of their as well – and lets hope they all write their stories too.

  7. It’s a sad aspect of our new, online-centric, “society” that we seem to hold certain social graces, such as expressed in the old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice”, etc… as not applicable to online communications. Things we wouldn’t dare say to each other face-to-face are freely poured out on the pages of FB and blogs. At the same time, it does seem to me that blogs have brought narcissism to a whole new level. But how people think it’s OK to criticize others for their narcissistic blogging by posting comments (such as this), which is JUST as narcissistic, strikes me as kind of ironic and funny. And, naturally, anything that strikes ME as funny (or not funny, or sad, or infuriating, or pathetic, etc…) is VERY IMPORTANT, so I MUST share it with the world!

    In conclusion, I agree with PGB – Ego away!

    Humbly submitted, without a trace of ego (even though I am going to re-read this umpteen times to admire myself after I post it),


  8. I enjoy reading your blog and am proud of you for your accomplishments. You are good motivation to many … so don’t stop now!

  9. Thank you for writing your blog and sharing your journey with us.

  10. Mark,

    As dear old Bob Dylan taught us, all them years ago, “don’t think twice, it’s alright!” The cold, hard truth is that you are a truly modest person. You have so much going for you, way beyond the standard phony measures of success. You have a good heart, a high intelligence, and an insight into human nature.

    You are a most talented actor, yet there is hardly ever any mention made about your acting talent in your blogs. That is just one example of your modest nature.

    Please don’t get bogged down by what one, single person writes to you. It just ain’t worth your time and energy.

    Please do continue to inspire us, to challenge us, and to touch our hearts with your writings.

    With much respect and good will,
    Your old pal,

  11. all the power to you and shame on the negative readers

  12. All you’ve accomplished is losing weight????? Is this person nuts??? I agree with others, this person obviously has NO idea how difficult it is to lose and maintain a weight loss, particularly one as large as yours. As someone who has struggled my entire life with a tremendous amount of weight to lose, I completely understand and commend your huge accomplishment.

    Well done, and kudos for your accomplishment!

  13. Your blog inspires me. Thank you for that.

  14. Reading any blog is a personal choice, just as commenting on it is. You have to take your ego out of the equation when you are blogging much of the time. You clearly stated your intent and boundaries upfront when one opens your page, you can’t be more honest than that. I do however think if you had posted the comment, our responses would have been amazingly educational to this person. Negative happens, opinions differ. The tone of an angry person is sooooo tedious and accomplishes little. Honor thyself. Hugs Mark.

    • I didn’t wish to give the person who wrote the comment the satisfaction of seeing it on the blog. I really debated even writing this post because it recognizes the comment.

      Thank you for your many supportive comments.

  15. Oh for crying out loud, people can be such jerks.

    Blogs are narcissistic outlets (not meant in a bad way), some could argue–especially when one writes about one’s own journey. I started my blog hoping no one would ever read it–it wasn’t even searchable. But then I got to reading other blogs, I realized that other people wrote about themselves, too, so I made mine searchable.

    I’m so sorry that you had to deal with negativity when all you have ever done is write with a positive outlook on life–helping others through your own experience.

    Buggers on them. Karma, I say. They will reap what they sow. As do we all.

    Thank you for always being honest.

    And thank you so much for your blog.

  16. Never give up, Mark. Stupid people will always be stupid, and you have accomplished so much to be proud of.

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