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An Attempt to Journey from Fat to Fit in a Lifetime. Eat right, Eat less, Move more

Good Morning

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Friday Thoughts

I come in to work at silly o’clock on Tuesdays and Fridays so I can work with my night shift supervisors. Good men who I hope will benefit by working directly with me a few extra hours each week.

Right now the supervisor is doing some paperwork so I am taking a few minutes to pop out an early morning blog post.

With summer coming up and the weather warming, I am looking forward to the possibility of getting in some afternoon rides on these “off to work early” days. I will leave here today between 2:30 and 3:00 o’clock if all things are going well. Today the rain will keep me from riding but when the weather cooperates….

I am really enjoying this job. There is so much positive about the place and so much we can accomplish. It feels good to be energized and feel engaged. The job in Pennsylvania never felt right. I thought comfort and a sense of belonging would develop but it never did. The end of that job I now see as a positive.

I now work two jobs and neither feels so much like WORK as they feel like activities…


I have two brothers, both older than I am. The eldest brother (EB) lives on the east coast and I am able to see him often, every couple of months at least. We get along very well and enjoy each other’s company. The one in the middle lives on the west coast and we see each other infrequently. I think the last time was in April of 2011. MB (middle brother) will be on the east coast in a couple of weeks. He is coming in for our Great-Aunt’s 90th birthday party. It will be a quick visit but he will squeeze a great deal in to the four days he will be here. KS (kid sister) lives on the west coast as well. It has been even longer since I have seen her. She can’t make it out for the party.

This is the picture I sent MB.....

This is the picture I sent MB…..

I have kept the west coast siblings up to date on my family with frequent emails and I have given them details of the weight loss journey Missus and I have taken.

I sent MB and MBW (middle brother’s wife) a picture taken on the Ride for Autism of me at the rest area. His response: “you really look skinny!” Skinny? ME? Strange. I have never thought of myself as skinny. I was lean in high school. Some have said I was skinny, but I never thought so. Then I was big. Then I was FAT. Then I was VERY FAT.

Skinny. At 200 pounds stretched over this six-foot, one and a half-inch frame, I don’t think I am skinny. But I love to hear it or read it in comments from friends and family.

What I really love is what it represents. It represents a total transformation of my physical self from a fat and out of condition bump on the sofa to fit and lean.

Skinny. Ya know what?? I like the sound of it.

Weekend Plans

I am working on Saturday and Sunday. At the bike-shop so it really will not feel like work… I will get in some miles on the Saturday evening if possible. Sunday I hope to ride the bike to the shop (13 hilly miles by the shortest route) and perhaps do the shorter of the two Sunday morning shop rides. Then work at the shop. Missus might pick me up after work so we can go for dinner on Father’s day. Otherwise I will top the day off with an 18-mile route home.

The plan is to enjoy. Being with my family. Being at the shop. Getting in the miles. It all equals enjoyment.

It wasn’t this way.

Weekends for me were hours spent doing as little as possible. Maybe a drive with the family. Maybe a little work around the house. Otherwise…. I wanted to do nothing.

I am not that way now. I look to be busy. I look to stay active.

Weekends are full now. Walks with Missus around the framers market, time with the boys, work at the shop, ride the bike, take the younger riding

You can change your outlook and your approach. You have to want to. I wanted to so I did. Wasn’t easy… and I am not done… but it is getting there…

Back to work


One thought on “Good Morning

  1. I will say that is the first thing I thought when you first posted this picture. Second thought was what a great transformation of mind and body. Keep up the great journey and Happy Cycling!!

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